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Rift Generator

“Today we conducted the first series of live tests today. We finally managed to suspend two intertwined rifts in what we believe to be a stable gateway … but not without complications. For some reason unbeknownst to us, every object we sent through the entrance gateway would mysteriously vanish – only to have a fine china teapot appear in its place at the exit gateway. I think we need to seriously reconsider the pandimensional navigation software…” – Mastermind Fractal Two Nine 29-9715-1023 “Null and Void” Proving Grounds, Primary Facility Transcript Logs

The Rift Generator creates spatial rifts similar to those that pervade the unstable regions of space, though these shears are considerably easier to control since they are specifically engineered as opposed to being the result of random phenomena. These rifts are created using a combined dark energy/gravitic projector array, which is used to warp the fabric of spacetime into the designed form. A wide array of spatial distortions can be created, but typically the system is used to form rifts that mimic the function of wormholes.

These gateways specifically engineered to provide instantaneous travel over vast distances, by means of accelerating the entry end of the gate to produce a relativistic time dilation effect. In other words, to anyone traveling through a rift it will appear as if time is passing normally, not unlike when hyperspace drives are in use. But to those outside the rift it will appear as if the traveler entered and arrived at their target instantaneously.

When active a Rift Generator creates an energy signature proportionate to the size of the rift being maintained. Small rifts capable of transporting freight, personnel, fighters, or even small patrol craft can remain active while generating negligible signatures that easily blend into the background. Scaled up gates that can move anything larger than a cruiser typically generate a noticeable energy signature that can be more easily detected in proximity, and the gate itself will typically be so large that it will be hard to defend from harassment. For this reason most mobile gates tend to accommodate smaller ships exclusively, though some larger stationary (and therefore, more easily detectable) gates may be used for major traffic hubs. In the latter case, such valuable structures will be surrounded by a number of artillery batteries, minefields, boobytraps, and interdiction systems to discourage assault.

Undisplaced Aperture Stabilizer

“Creating a beast is simple. It's taming it that's the hard part.” – The Art of Never Again, Chapter 624: On Aggressive Viral Saturation of Data Networks

As its name suggests, the Undisplaced Aperture Stabilizer is designed to contain and control spatial rifts generated by the vessel. Its physical manifestation is the so-called “gateway” surrounding the rift, which is actually the supplemental dark energy projector array for the main Rift Generator. The spatial rift requires consistent intervention to remain stable, so the rift is rendered useless without such a system.

It is vital that the Undisplaced Aperture Stabilizer be protected from harm. In the event the system is destroyed, the ship and others in immediate proximity will be pulled into the imploding rift. However, the rift will quickly dissipates once the Stabilizer is no longer acting upon it, but there's always an off-chance it may linger longer than it's supposed to…

Regularity Enhancer

This module is designed to “normalize” ambient space, both protecting surrounding friendly vessels from undesirable side-effects of the ship's own Rift Generator, and protecting the ship from spatial distortions inside unstable space.

The system can be disabled in order to project a much more mild form of the phenomena found in unstable space. Specifically it will create minor rifts in proximity to the host vessel which may distort the accuracy of incoming fire and threaten to tear apart fighter craft, all while creating an interdiction field in proximity. The only problem with all this is that it is indiscriminate; friendly and enemy vessels alike will suffer the effects.

Microrift Generator

A scaled-down version of the rift generator used to transport a steady stream of matter. Most frequently used to transport ore from a mining facility directly to a smelter on another world, or for providing a virtually limitless supply of ammunition to a starship.

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