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Freespacer Terminology

Freespacer terminology is a complex, confusing, and often-times tasteless mish-mash of various elements, making it not unlike 'spacer ship technology. Due to the rapidity with which information travels over the Polysentience, Freespacer terms spread quite easily, though most motherships have a number of words and phrases that are not commonly used by Freespacers as a whole. Freespacer slang often arises out of references, misspellings, and commonly repeated memes from the polysentience. Most of these terms, however, evolve in their usage, making it difficult to pin clear-cut definitions to the words. This list of definitions and terms should be taken as more of a guideline than a dictionary.

Common Terms and Slang


Violence or violent intent.

Origins: May be a reference either to aggravation or the legal concept of aggravated assault, as culled from scavenged data sources.

Black Law

[Noun or Adjective] Oppression or agents of oppression. May also refer to oppressiveness or spiritual blindness manifested through an oppressive mindset.

Origins: Possibly a corruption of Black Claw. Its use comes from several chapters in the Art of Never Again.

Book, The

Short for “The Art of Never Again”, the omnicomprehensive data repository of Freespacer wisdom, knowledge and history.


Frustration or aggravation. Most commonly used in noun form, its adjective and verb forms are rarely used because of the difficulty of understanding whether the subject is the source of or recipient of burn. It is seen as a good to sink, or possibly vent, burn quickly.

Origins: Describes the physical sensation of participating in a singe-fest. Though the body may not feel on fire, a sense of burning is common in highly aggravated 'spacers.


[Adjective] A family of terms for various races. Ex: Pretty dick (Yamataian), big dick (Nepleslian), rubber dick/squid dick (Misshu), limp dick (Jiyuuian), flying dick (Elysian), cat dick/secret dick/trap dick/slave dick/soldier dick/walka dick (Nekovalkyrja) and less dick (Spacer). Generally speaking, the [adjective] dick format is one of the spacer terms which sees the greatest variation of use, though certain themes remain common. Also see [adj] dick move.

Origins: Due to their physiology and means of reproduction, Deoradh reproductive organs are often underdeveloped or only semi-functional. Upon first contact with other races, the Freespacers quickly realized how deeply comments on the genitalia of others could serve as a blow to the ego, and acted accordingly.

Dick Move

[Adjective] A stereotypical action for that race. Examples: “Selling drugs is a big dick move”, “Fapping off is a limp dick move”, “Helping others is a less dick move”. While most variations of [adj] dick move are intended to be insulting, less dick move is generally used to indicate a good or worthwhile action.

Origins: See [adj] dick.


[Synonym: Crewmembers] 'Spacers don't have true families in the genetic sense, since they are produced by artificial incubation. For this reason they will typically refer to their ship's crew as their family, and will almost certainly grow interpersonal ties beyond that of co-workers – such as friendship and love. Since the term as used by 'Spacers implies no blood relation, there is nothing abnormal about having sexual relations with one's family.


A pejorative term referring to anything that is not synthetic; naturally occurring. Most often this term refers to a person that has not undergone genetic engineering, cybernetic augmentation, or any other sort of artificial enhancement. (“Those Flukes that live out near the fringe worlds sure are oddballs.”) The term is usually perceived to be condescending; it is indirectly implied that anything occurring by pure chance is not as refined as something synthetically made.

This term may sometimes be used to refer to only a specific type of enhancement, rather than any kind of enhancement. i.e., An Automaton may still consider Nekos a Fluke despite their genetic enhancement, if it considers anything without cybernetics to be a fluke.


[Verb] “To pull”, like gravity. Used for both natural and, especially, artificial gravity (“When they repaired life support, predictably, we were gravved back to the ground”), but also for both the physical action of pulling, especially in a forceful, dramatic manner (“He gravved and hugged her.”) and in a metaphorical sense, using “grav” as “charisma”, much like how other races refer to charisma as a magnetic force and describe charismatic people as having a “magnetic personality”. Freespacers argue that magnetism attracts and repels (and, more often, completely ignores non-magnetic materials), while gravity only attracts everything, and is therefore a better metaphor.

Origins: Unknown, but possibly derived by a fusion of “Gravity” and “Grab”.


Euthanasia. Used in many expressions, given the Freespacers' peaceful acceptance of the inevitability of personal death: “Walk in the Grinder”, “See you in the Grinder”, “Shut up or I'm gonna throw you into the nearest Grinder”, “I'm good for the Grinder now”, etc.


[Verb] Any sort of direct interpersonal action. e.g., To meet, to talk with, to have sex with, to hang out with. For example: (“I'm still not sure about the issue with dynamos. Let's interface over lunch and see if we can't think of a better solution.”)


Joy or satisfaction; good. Usually used as an expression of an individual's happiness, though it can also be used to express the shared happiness of multiple individuals (ex: Lolol, “You and I are happy”). This format can be repeated ad infinitum, to express the shared joy of a specifically identified group of people. Lol can also function as a verb (to become joyful or satisfied) or an adjective. For a more general expression of collective happiness, see lulz.

Origins: The presence of lol in Freespacer terminology is so ancient as to be almost apocryphal. In the myths of the Deoradh, the very first stream to appear in the Polysentience was simply “lol”. Among the freethinkers, popular theory is that it represents a person holding up two arms in a gesture of great happiness. Another competing theory, held by more religious 'spacers, is that it represents a sense of contentment and a sense of the totality of the world: between the two ends of the universe is the whole of all things. Ultimately, lol's etymological origins are nigh-impossible to determine.


Shared joy or satisfaction; mutual good. Lulz refers to the collective lol of a non-specific group. Depending on context, lulz may refer to the happiness of one's immediate company, the whole of a mothership, all of Freespacer society, or the lulz of all souls in the universe. Universal lulz is often referred to as megalulz. Those who “did it for the lulz” are often valorized and praised in Freespacer society, which highly values selfless action on behalf of the community.

Origins: Plural form of lol.


[Synonym: Mothership of Origin] 'Spacers are produced by synthetic means aboard motherships, which are the only ships in the 'Spacer fleets to carry genebanks and large-scale artificial incubators. Since they are literally conceived and born from the ship's medical facilities, they have come to adopt the foreign loanword of “Mom” as shorthand for whichever Mothership produced them.


[Verb] To push beyond standard operation. (“The ship launch timetable has been moved up a week, so we'll need to put in an overclocked effort from here on out.”)


A synonym for “extra”. For example, “Plusgood” is something “extra good”, whilst “plusbad” is something extra bad. Doubleplus- is taking the term one step further should plusgood and plusbad be insufficient to describe a situation.


[Alternatively: Doubleplusgood] Very good, great, excellent, etc. Commonly used in situations where “good” does not sufficiently describe one's satisfaction with something. (“Plusgood work on that engine overhaul, fellas.”) For added emphasis one can use “Doubleplusgood”, should one deem a mere “plusgood” to be insufficient.


[Alternatively: Doubleplusbad] Very bad, horrible, etc. The antonym of plusgood; refers to something so awful that a mere “bad” is not deemed sufficient enough to describe it. Doubleplusbad is something even worse than plusbad.


[Alternatively: pr0n] A time-sink, often streamed from the Polysentience. Pr0n most commonly refers to games, but can also refer to movies, text files, perceptual filters, or anything else that could be considered a time-waster.

Origins: Codespinner Pr0n 17-4861-6936. A virtuoso artist, hobbyist mindtwister, and compulsive programmer, Pr0n 17 has given more solace and relaxation to the 'spacers than any other single person, but is likely also the cause of more inefficiency in Freespacer society than anyone else. The pr0n-suite, a collection of games, widgets, notes and animations made by Codespinner Pr0n, continues to be used by all manner of Freespacers. A few of these games have leaked into Nepleslia, where they are most commonly played by bored housewives and teen-girls (who prefer playing them on hand-held communication sets).


If a 'Spacer dies for whatever reason, an exact replica of that person will be cloned at the next available opportunity. These two will often have similar personalities due to genetic factors, partial memory transfer and re-implanted cybernetics (which often contain notes, memoirs, etc), yet will still be separate individuals due to their differing life experiences. Therefore a clone typically refers to their copy template as a “predecessor” to distinguish their previous self from his current one. Sometimes, religiously-minded 'Spacers will use the term “Previous Life” or “Previous Incarnation”.

Note however this term is inapplicable to “perfect” mind-transfer cloning such as ST backups, where the original and the new copy are exactly the same in mind and body; since they are the exact same individual, there is no need for a designation to tell them apart.

Sector 47

An inhospitable or dangerous area. Most commonly refers to the location of an ambush, but can also refer to just about any hazardous location (“I haven't cleaned in a while, so my room is Sector 47”). Is commonly used as a noun or as an adjective, but rarely as a verb.

Origins: In Deoradh myth, Sector 47 was an area in which the Freespacers devised a trap against the forces of authority and oppression (See Black Law). Though the enemy planned on knocking out the shields of the Freespacer mothership and using fighters to disable its main reactor, they quickly discovered themselves surrounded by the mothership's child-fleet, which had been hidden in a nearby asteroid field. Given the magnitude the Freespacers' firepower, Black Law's cruisers were unable to repel the ambush, and were easily routed.


[Verb] Anything that interferes with one's plans or prevents one from achieving their goals. (“That Scuttlebug totally ruined our party!”)

Origins: Refers to a now-extinct insect that was once infamous among 'Spacers for its tendency to chew through electronic wiring, much to the disdain of ship engineers.


[Verb] To lay to rest or reduce the level of a thing. When used as a noun, usually becomes a compound word with the thing that is being sunk: “Burn-sink, aggro-sink, lol-sink”. Also see vent.

Origins: Due to the high level of redundancy in Freespacer power-generation, use of heat-sinks is quite common on ships built on Failover principles.


[Adjective] Operating at one's optimal state; peak efficiency. (“A finely calibrated and well-build starship will be shine.”) (“That new Gearhead is really shine when it comes to maintenance.”)


A line of data-transmission. Technically divided into up-streams, down-streams, and dub-streams (evolved from double-streams).

Origins: From the mythical flowing lines that carry creatures and objects in a liquid medium. Freespacers know streams are real, but some enjoy pretending they don't while among outsiders.


This is most often used to refer to those who cannot communicate telepathically, though it has a less common use as referring to things which have low processing power. Tard can also be used as a verb, to refer to the act of speaking without a support stream (“Nepleslian suck to talk to, since all they can do is tard”). Languages practiced without a telepathic component are often referred to as Tard-speak, on the whole. For a synonym popular among automatons, see meatflap. Not to be confused with r-trd, a form of Freespacer dialect.

Origins: From retard, “To delay or hold back”.


[Noun] A topic. Most commonly used to refer to a topic, location, or discussion in the polysentience, though it may be used to refer to other topics as well. Ex: “This conversation isn't going well, let's change threads.”

Origins: A technical term for a series of files or grouped data streams in the polysentience.


[Verb] Release of something pent up. Venting is seen as somewhat less desirable than sinking, as it places a toll on the surrounding environment. This term is most commonly used in technical and emotional discussions.

Origins: Similar to the heat-sink technologies developed by 'spacers to keep their redundant power-systems from accumulating too much heat, heat-vent technology is a necessary part of most 'spacer ships.


[Noun] A forum, or series of connected threads (“Have you checked the YSE-movements weave lately?”). May also refer to conversations that involve a number of people.

Origins: An informal term for a series of threads which later developed into the technical term.

Zero One

[Verb] Refers to the origin of something. (“Null and Void is pretty famous for being the Zero One of our Rift Generators.”)

Common Phrases

A Rat Is Fine, Too

A humble way of accepting an offer of food, indicating that any help is appreciated. Variations exist for a variety of other offers: “A sat is fine, too” (salvage/mechanical), “A bat is fine, too” (weapons/tools), “A mat is fine, too” (decorations). A cat, however, is rarely fine, too.

Origins: Developed out of a long history of communitarian thought in Freespacer society. Expressing appreciation for whatever one can get, and making do with it, is a value that is nearly as old as the Deoradh.

Back to Chapter One

Using guerrilla tactics, non-conventional warfare, terrorism, traps, deceit and dirty tricks. (Despite the meaning, this phrase has a highly positive connotation).

Origins: From the first few chapters of the Art of Never Again, which mostly detailed philosophy of war, guerrilla and maneuver warfare.

Ch. 34

A statement of the existence of all things, often used when the improbable has occured. Most commonly found on the polysentience as an answer to rhetorical questions, it is pronounced as either CH' 34 or Chap 34 when physically spoken. Ex: “A giant space-squid? Are you serious!?” “Ch. 34, noob.”

Origins: Refers to the 34th entry in the Art of Never Again, one of the foundational texts of mecha-druidism. Poetic, lyrical, and somewhat cryptic, Chapter 34 explores the three dimensions of being (mind, soul, and body), explaining how all things which can be perceived, imagined, or created exist.

Eat the Garbage

1) to take on someone else's burden, 2) to be bold or courageous. Also can be shortened to “eats garbage”, a separate term that refers to enduring a tough situation. As an admonition, is most commonly used in its 3rd definition. Also used to describe those who are quite loyal and steadfast to the 'spacer community, “Drillbit eats the garbage.”

Origins: Often, scavenged foodstuffs are of dubious quality. Those brave enough to test them could bring great joy to the whole ship, and were accorded suitable respect.

Going Commando

Severing one's own connection with Polysentience for a short period of time in order to perform some daring task, such as stealth infiltration or attack on an enemy. Due to Freespacer ships' advanced electronic warfare suites, ECM and low energy signature, a ship “going commando” is very hard to detect, even though being severed from Polysentience puts strain on the crew after some time. Because of the risk involved, it is considered a great act of bravery.

Origins: Very recent, probably derived from complete misunderstanding of the meaning the expression has in Nepleslian. After much amusement over the misunderstanding on both sides, the term sees widespread use by Freespacer corsairs harassing Yamatai borders.

If Your Head Was Crammed Full of Wires

A recently coined phrase used by 'Spacers, usually directed towards foreigners. Typically when a foreigner points out what they perceive as strange or eccentric behavior by their standards, a 'Spacer will jokingly explain it is because their “head is crammed full of wires.” For example: (“You'd probably act a bit strange, too, if your head was crammed full of wires.”) (“Well, you'd fly like you had a death wish if your head was crammed full of wires.”)

Jump the Grinder

Overliving one's own usefulness. Sometimes used for people, but much more often for items or ideas and concepts. Something that used to be good, but is now bad, has “jumped the Grinder”. “Chemical rockets jumped the Grinder a long time ago.” “Fixed-line warfare never jumped the Grinder: it has always been on the other side to begin with.” “Radio'll never jump the Grinder.”

Share a Glass of Water

To “raise a glass of water” is to make a toast, while to “share a glass of water” is considered a sign of deep friendship.

Origins: In foreign societies water is typically taken for granted and considered worthless, while at the same time certain refined beverages, such as imported wines, are considered precious. However, in 'Spacer societies the constant water shortages throughout history have made water into a very valuable commodity. Thus, to “raise a glass of water” is considered to be equally as celebratory, if not more so, than making a toast with champagne.

Automaton Specific Terms


[Alternatively: Meat, Meatbag, Meatsack] 1) A pejorative used to refer to anything pertaining to the flesh, so overused that it's not even considered offensive anymore. 2) A common rhetoric used by proponents of sentient equal rights, specifically for those of synthetic intelligences. (e.g., “If intelligence can be acknowledged in sacks of meat, why not in machines?”)


A biological, usually human, mouth. Often carries the implication that said mouth is annoyingly loud. May be used in verb form as a synonym for tard (“Joel was meatflapping at me, so I told him to stop logging pr0n and direct me a stream.”)

Origins: Popularized with an A/V macro for stream use, which shows a mouth opening and closing while blaring “MEATFLAP, MEATFLAP, MEATFLAP” at the recipient. This macro is often used as part of garbage data-streams during electronic warfare.


A pejorative with a meaning similar to Meatflap.

Biological Specific Terms


A pejorative term for automata. Like its counterpart “Meat” (and its numerous variations) It's so deeply ingrained in Freespacer language that isn't considered offensive.


A heavy dose of assorted antibiotics and vaccines, a common precaution before landing on a planet.


Cybernetic implants.


1) A generic name for all alcoholic beverages 2) A specific, popular category of beverages made from artificially fermented lichens indigenous to Freespacer ships. Sith is practically almost pure ethanol with a strong herbal flavor and considered a luxury. To drink Sith (or “Sith's Brew”) means to be living in abundance. Thanks to Freespacers' extremely high resistance to poisons, alcohol consumption rarely has any ill effects. An alternate version of Sith's Brew, cleaned of its radioactive properties, has found its way, in small quantities, in the Nepleslian market, where it has been labeled with much stronger nicknames. |Origins: Sith, in Freespacer folklore, is the god of happiness and friendship.|

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