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The Great Library Waypoint

The Great Library waypoint receives its name from its centerpiece: a large, mostly hollow asteroid base that houses β€œThe Great Library,” which served as the closest thing to a replacement for The Great Lighthouse after the Polysentience networks were restructured to be much more decentralized that before. As such this system does not act like a hub for data traffic as its predecessor, but rather as a server farm and mainframe for the long-term storing of information.

The Great Library serves as the de facto The Hacker Cult HQ. Although the majority of Hacker Cultists do live and work outside this base, the majority of new recruits are given basic training here.

The Great Library is also home to a biannual hacker convention, which attracts thousands of hackers (both trained Hacker Cultists and self-taught rogue hackers). Due to issues of accommodation, this conference involves the mooring of thousands of smaller vessels (such as shuttles or fighters) around the station, with speeches and discussions occurring digitally rather than in-person. Hackers wishing to visit others in person to trade hardware, tools, or spare parts, must suit up and spacewalk between these shuttles.

Resident AI: Librarian

A very straightforward AI that specializes in data collection. For the most part it farms data available in public networks such as Polysentience, SYNC, InterNEP, OGNEIR, and SECNET and so on. Librarian appears to have no particular agenda in that it collects data for the sake of collecting it rather than using it to further its own ambitions.

Librarian offers a standing bounty for any sort of new data – everything from rare works of fiction to cutting edge weapons schematics to cooking recipes. It also, on the rare occasion, sells a particularly important bit of data for steep prices for which funds are used to help maintain the asteroid station.

Recently it has been working on a project to recover β€œstolen” UOC data storage system (which would have otherwise fallen into NMX hands).

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