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Untempered Schism

The Untempered Schism waypoint is essentially a station, encased in a stable space bubble, anchored in the midst of one of the most violent and turbulent regions of the Blue Rift Expanse.

Stellar Bodies


Since the Blue Rift Expanse lacks any indigenous stars, or even resources (save for the occasional rogue planet captured), a local power source was seen as absolutely vital to surviving any siege of the Blue Rift Expanse without its inhabitants quickly succumbing to starvation of food and power.

The Entropy-Eater is an old idea made new; turning movement into energy. Rather than relying on the movement of water or wind, energy is extracted from the movement of spacetime outside the safety of the Rift Generator field. Armored buoys are launched into the surrounded space which can then transmit energy wirelessly back to the host station.

The Entropy-Eater was the first location this technique was prototyped and developed, and as a consequence, was one of the largest stations dedicated to this purpose. However, since most of the gates can generator energy using this technology its function as a power generator has fallen out of use. Today it is primarily used for generating raw material by means of an energy-matter conversion reactor, as minable resources within the Blue Rift Expanse are few and far between.

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