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Voidwalker Suit

As a solely spacefaring race, the Freespacers have a long produced pressure suits. The Voidwalker is the most recent development, an attempt to scale down suits to a size much easier to manage inside the corridors of ships or buildings. Due to its slender design in comparison to older, bulkier suits, the Voidwalker has quickly become the standard among merchants and soldiers alike.

โ€œI'm not sure if I should be awed by the active immune systems of dirtdwellers, or horrified at how many types of diseases they co-exist with.โ€ โ€“ Taskmaster Tureis Eight Seven 97-3408-5703 The Art of Never Again, Chapter 816: The Necessity of Reverse Quarantine

One of the greatest obstacles the Freespacers face when interacting with other races are their own virtually non-existent immune systems. Their isolation in the void of space and their lack of alien contact for well over a century has resulted in no exposure to any sort of foreign bacteria, causing their immune systems to degrade over generations.

The environment aboard Freespacer ships is hostile to virtually every form of life, with the exception of they themselves and their crops, both of which earned their immunity through decades of exposure. Between the normally lethal radiation levels and the chemicals that poison their atmosphere, most foreign bacteria or humanoids are overwhelmed far too quickly to adapt. Due to this, the Freespacer had little to fear from disease โ€“ until they left their natural environment. Since their bodies don't actually produce the same toxic chemicals and radiation that their ships do, they are defenseless against even normally harmless bacteria. This prompted the Freespacers to design a pressure suit small enough to easily use indoors.

The result was the Voidwalker, which was such a success that it quickly replaced it's predecessors and is now commonly used by merchants, diplomats, infantry, miners, and any other activity that requires working in a vacuum or alien contact.


Self-Sealing Gel Layer โ€“ A type of gel between two layers of insulation. When this layer is punctured and air begins to leak the gel reacts with the oxygen and quickly expands, effectively sealing the breach.

Air Scrubber โ€“ Freespacers can naturally produce small quantities of oxygen on their own. When this ability is coupled with an external air scrubber, they can survive up to 36 hours without an external air supply if resting. Normal levels of physical activity reduce this time to a maximum of 12 hours.

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (Add-On) โ€“ This system, located on the back, produces heat, power, and radiation through radioactive decay. The heat and power can be used to moderate the temperature in cold environments, but the most important component is the radiation produced. Freespacers require a dose of radiation every few days or face the possibility of poisoning. The radiation produced by the radioisotopic decay is enough to prolong the time until poisoning by several more days.

Endothermic Reactant Canisters (Add-On) โ€“ Many Freespacers posses extreme sensitivity to heat, so the heat produced by the RTG can be problematic, especially in warm environments. In addition, high temperature environments can cripple the power output of RTGs. The suit contains small canisters of chemicals that when mixed produce an endothermic reaction, draining heat from the suit. Each canister lasts 6 hours.

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