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Poku'kai Kavoráy (Alliance)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

Poku'kai Kavoráy or Words that Bind Nations are what the Poku Saeruo Degonjo call Alliances.

More about Alliance

The Vonai-Rya'ka (Emissary) is the only person within the clan other than the Mui (Clan Leader) who can negotiate Alliances.

  • Alliances must be first worked out with the Vonai-Rya'ka (Emissary).
    • Tradition holds that the meeting to create an alliance must be done in three meetings.
      • The first one is held at the location of choice of the nation being approached. The Vonai-Rya'ka may not reveal them-self until after conclusion of the first meeting. This is because during the meeting they represent the Clan.
      • The second meeting is held at the location of choice of the approaching nation
      • The final meeting is held at a mutually agreed location.
  • Alliance must then be approved by the Mui (Clan Leader) before it is binding.

Active Alliances

The clan currently has two active alliances, the Poku Saeruo Degonjo had many prior to the Norka (The Exodus).

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