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Lamini (Animals)

This page contains information on the Lamini or animals known to the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. The list will be expanded as more are either discovered or detailed. In some cases a term to help describe the creature refers to the version in RL. This does not imply that the creatures are in fact from Earth.


Pronunciation Origin Definition
īōmě Otâgolisoy (Birth world) hawk
Details The yome is a predatory bird from the clan's home world. They resemble Terran hawks except for being larger by 50 percent, and possess very large sharp talons. While most were left free, many of the upper class members of the clan had them as symbols of power. The species exists in the Tabak'ka, produced from genetic material transported with the clan. Efforts are underway to introduce them to Âtoma (Heart), and Âmuar (Dream)
Pronunciation Origin Definition
vōkh-mě-tăō Âmuar (Dream) wild prey bird
Details The Voqmetao is an large avian that was found in the forests. The native prey bird was extinct back on homeworld. These are about twice the size of the Terran wild turkey. In captivity they produce an abundance of goose size eggs. They are being introduced to Tabak'ka.


Pronunciation Origin Definition
lămēn-gōăkăs Âmuar (Dream) large walker animal
Details This is a large mammalian creature that resembles a draft horse with horns and canines. The animal is omnivorous. The beast is being treated as a work animal and occasionally a meat source. The animals have wide hoof to support its mass, the front of the hoof tapers to a point.

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