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Galysumanâ'ai Buvoli (Capital)

The Galysumanâ'ai Buvoli or literally translation seat of the government, is a large domed structure on the top of the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station)/ It is over three miles high and has a diameter of eight miles.

The Seat as it is sometimes referred to is a very open space. It has large expanses of greenery. At the center is an segmented pyramid which is the Government building. The building is five hundred meters tall. It is not like any typical Clan building. It is constructed out of stone that was harvested from off station. There are terraces on each of the levels.


The Capital also has a number of water features. There are fountains near most of the outlying buildings. There are three small ponds stocked with fish and a number of carefully engineered streams.

A number of structures are present about 1 mile out from the pyramid. These are the residences for the Tanoi (Council) members, their family and retainers. There are also a number of small commercial parks; which contain stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities.

A mag-lev rail system provides rapid silent transportation to points both within the Capital, and the rest of the world station.

The Capital is equipped with the Weâm Yanuto (Open Area) systems.

With the advent of establishing diplomatic relations, a section of the area has been designated for Embassies to be set up.

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