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Mui (Clan Leader)

This is the title used to identify the leader of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

The original title for Clan Leader was Poku-Ta'a, it stopped being used in 50 CY after the death of Kotoz Mui.

The appointment of a new Mui, takes a majority vote of approval from the Tanoi (Council). The new Mui officially takes office after the Siama'a Mui (Blessing the Leader) ritual. The Mui wears a purple sash trimmed with gold that is the badge of office.

Notable Mui of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo

Tarbah Leyto

Name Born Office Deceased Notes
Kotoz Mui (M) -100 CY 0 CY 50 CY Leader who inspired the Norka (The Exodus)
Qytes Siboa (M) 1 CY 50 CY 110 CY
Qakama Aobei (F) 47 CY 110 CY 185 CY
Tibgu Qoiteo (F) 135 CY 185 CY 210 CY
Tiga Leyto (F) 165 CY 210 CY 275 CY
Gubul Aabei (M) 240 CY 275 CY 355 CY
Leati Miotoar (F) 315 CY 355 CY 420 CY
Tipiw Wovoy (M) 371 CY 420 CY 480 CY
Pata Sasopa (M) 439 CY 480 CY 524 CY
Kambev Leyto (M) 495 CY 525 CY 575 CY Ruled during the Weakening
Bulbev Geieov (M) 528 CY 575 CY 635 CY
Besaf Roarl (F) 600 CY 635 CY 690 CY
Beti Voiqua (M) 640 CY 690 CY 715 CY See Usonori Sate (Lean Times)
Tarbah Leyto (F) 680 CY 715 CY - (Current)

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