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Jodau Yoqajo (Integrated Brain)

Integrated Brains are a technology used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo since before the Norka (The Exodus).

This is the technology used to control large installations, and can be found on outposts, the Poku Movi Vamâqi (Clan Void Berth) or the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

This is the only organic data processing system the Poku'vonai use. Jodau Yoqajo are fully fluent in Taka Norjopa (Machine Speech), and can control any Poku'vonai device that they can interface with it.

Only a qualified Jodau Bajao'a (Brain Tenchnician) should work on this equipment.


Jodau Yoqajo (Integrated Brains) are not installed in fighting ships because the warriors will not accept a crew member who has not gone through the Baqnor (move from youth).


The Integrated Brain is in fact a Poku'vonai brain that is kept in a fluid filled containment unit. When installed the unit is connected to a system that provides oxygen and nutrients and flushes out toxins. When disconnected the unit can provide oxygen, and nutrients to keep the brain alive for 48 hours. The unit receives its power externally, but it uses Fuel Cells for emergency power. The brain stem is attached to a synthetic spine.


When installed in a Jodau Ruo'sa (Brain Room) the Integrated Brain has control over all aspects of the facility it is installed into. Typically an Integrated Brain will spend its life installed in the same installation. In a crisis an IB can be installed into a new location, but there will be a period of adjustment commensurate with how different its new home is.

The Integrated Brain does require downtime. When possible an Integrated Brain will put itself into a sleep (maintenance) state. During this time the brain experiences dreams and other levels of consciousness required for good health.

The Autonomic Nervous System portion of the brain is connected to power, environmental systems which allows these to be operated without direct control unless an emergency arises.

The higher functions of the Integrated oversees the operation and makes myriad decisions daily. They can interact with the personnel in the facility, as will as other integrated brains and personnel within range of their communications system. They are trained to multitask on many levels, and think many times faster than a Qaktoro.


Integrated Brains are used in large installations to control them. One example is each Vonaieano'ka (City State) on the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) is overseen by an IB. The autonomic portions of the brain are connected to life support systems, and the rest of the brain actively controls the systems it has access to.


The development of Integrated Brains predates the Norka (The Exodus). Originally the concept was to allow warriors or other adults who had been injured to the point where survival was unlikely, to have a second chance at life. However all attempts were deemed failures as the individuals could not adapt to their new status.

The Silver Moon Clan then got council approval to try with the brains of bagli who failed the Fofipa. The young undeveloped brains were able to not only survive but flourished. On the home world these new intellects were put in charge of overseeing large installation, city systems, and the like. They were also installed in space stations.


The brains are harvested by the Silver Moon Sect from those children who fail the Fofipa. This is because only a young mind can be transferred successfully to a containment unit without psychological trauma.


With many hours of time on their virtual hands; IBs often engage in a variety of entertainments most notably simulations. Some of these are solitary, while others involve interaction with other IBs or with Poku'vonai personnel. These activities are encouraged as it results in an improved level of performance on the IBs part.

Sensory Deprivation

Integrated Brains are used to a constant stream of sensor data during their conscious period. Being suddenly cut off from those inputs for a protracted period is traumatizing for them. Typically when an Integrated Brain's core chamber is undergoing major maintenance, the IB will either go into sleep mode, or engage in a simulation using an external connection to other computers.


Integrated Brains are allowed to choose their own names and gender. They are never reunited with the donating family. they are afforded some rights as a clan member and are not tools. Some IBs receive a stipend which they use at their own discretion.


A self-destruct device is normally placed in the chamber where the Brain and the data array is kept. Typically used when the ship is in about to be lost or destroyed. It is sufficient to entirely destroy the brain and the array.

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