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Iginâ Jodau'ta Fiqorka (Neuron Processor Module)

These are the core data processing technology used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. They are a large cluster of synthetic neurons that act like an advanced microprocessor/mini-computer. The Poku'vonai brought this technology with them during the Norka (The Exodus).

There are two kinds of processor modules and their capabilities are controlled by the type. They have the same overall features; each uses the Taka Norjopa (Machine Speech).


The Basic Processor Module contains a simple cognitive function, and is capable of processing data. They are limited in capability and are frequently found in compact electronic devices that require a processor. It possesses enough memory to perform its functions. They are a hexagonal wafer about 2cm wide. They do not directly connect to Iginâ Wumyjo Fiqorka (Neuron Storage Module)s. But they can access them through other devices. These modules have to be removed and recharged every 72 hours. They are typically installed in small portable equipment like communicators, hand scanners.


The Advanced Processor Module is as large as the Iginâ Wumyjo Fiqorka (Neuron Storage Module). It is a complete computer capable of performing complex functions. It is typically found installed in consoles, and craft that do not need the massive computing power of the mainframe systems. The Advanced Processor Module's capabilities are increased when it is attached to one or more Iginâ Wumyjo Fiqorka (Neuron Storage Module)s. The advanced module has its own internal power supply capable of operating for 8 hours.


  • Length: 17.78cm (7in)
  • Width: 10.16cm (4in)
  • Height: 2.54cm (1in)

Nutrient Fluid

Because the module operates in a fashion similar to the neurons in the brain, they require a form of nutrition. While the modules do not require oxygen, they do need chemicals and power to operate; recall data, store new information, and establish new pathways.

Operating System

The Iginâ Jodau'ta Fiqorka operates using the Taka Norjopa (Machine Speech).

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