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Kâurvonai (Cultures)

This page describes Poku Saeruo Degonjo classify sentient beings, and how they interact with them. Kâurvonai literally means Way of the People, which is their term for a culture. Poku'ka is their term for an empire or nation. Back before the Norka (The Exodus) the Poku'ka Qaktoro consisted of many worlds and multiple clans. After the Norka they changed the clans into Jaeli (Sects) and had but one clan.

Kohaku & Saflea

Terms or classifications of races

  • Poku clan - Those of the Hidden Sun Clan are united in their cause to ensure their survival.
  • Jugal prey - Races or ships that lack sufficient defenses and have poor fighting capabilities, which are deemed weak and therefore classed as prey.
  • Lugaj predator - Races, groups or ships that are who possess formidable fighting capabilities, and can defend themselves well.
  • Poku'wumy ally - A term from the past, for those races that the the Hidden Sun Clan has an alliance with. It has come back into use since the clan formed the YE 35 HSC - YSE Treaty
  • Qourl enemy - This describes those races that the Hidden Sun Clan has open enmity against. Ones who the Tanoi (Council) has declared war against.

Establishing Relations

Since before the Norka a Ruoka (House) or Punla (Family) could consider having dealings with another culture. However Poku'vonai not in those groups would not have to acknowledge such arrangements. The dealings would have to be beneficial to the Poku and not place it at undo risk.

The nature of the relationship depends on the status of the race/culture. With prey races such dealings could take the form of extortion. Making demands backed by threats of violence, or the taking of hostages. Dealing with a prey race would be more equitable.

At present the Poku Saeruo Degonjo has formal relations with two governments.

Known Cultures

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