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Odawina (OW)

The primary unit of currency used by the Poku'vonai is called the Odawina (OW). It is pronounced ลdฤƒ-wฤ“nฤƒ. This unit of currency has been in use since before the Norka (The Exodus).

The Odawina are eight sided coins, and come in three denominations. They each weigh 16 grams. Most transactions are listed in gold.

A Gold Odawina

Odawina value
Gold Silver Bronze
Gold 1 8 64
Silver 1/8 1 8
Bronze 1/64 1/8 1


The secondary unit of currency used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo is the Odakoa (OK). It is pronounced ลdฤƒ-kลฤƒ. The Odakoa are eight-sided bars of gold or silver, and are worth eight times an odawina of the same material. They weigh 128 grams. These are typically used for larger transactions.

A Silver Odakoa


The Odawina was originally backed by gold in the early history. Since the Norka (The Exodus) while all wealth is calculated in Odawina, it is backed by the value of resources brought in. A Punla (Family) or Ruoka (House) monetary wealth is tied to their properties, which include starships, houses, material stocks, and hard currency.

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