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Souumat'ka (Greater Death Shroud)

The Souumat'ka or greater death shroud is a fabric container that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo place their fallen for short storage.

About the Souumat'ka

The Souumat'ka is composed of a multiple layer insulating fabric. It is designed to resist tearing and cutting. The bag is closed with an air tight zipper. There are two ports on the side of it. These can be used to inject Kyaniusa Saalfori (Sterility Mist) to decontaminate the remains. They can also pump out the normal air and pump in cold sterile nitrogen to inhibit decomposition. The exterior is a light grey.

The Souumat'ka come in four sizes.

  • Small - for children
  • Medium - for adolescents, and Tulas
  • Large - For adults
  • Extra Large - for large adults.


In the event that the remains are deemed to be dangerous bio-hazardous, the ports are used to first inject powdered magnesium to coat the remains. After that the Souumat'ka is taken to a chamber for incineration. An oxygen feed is attached to one port and pumped in. The hose is withdrawn, and an igniter is attached to the port. Once the chamber is sealed the igniter is triggered causing the magnesium powder to burn at 3,100ยฐ c

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