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Fiqsoar Utovu'te (Demolition Compound)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

Fiqsoar Utovu'te is an explosive compound used for performing a variety of tasks. The current formula came into use in 711 CY.

About the Fiqsoar Utovu'te

Fiqsoar Utovu'te can only be detonated by a combination of extreme heat and a shock wave, such as an inserted detonator firing.

Fiqsoar Utovu'te comes in two formulas. Felsa which is for use in normal atmospheres; and Felsor which is for use in vacuum environments. The blocks are color coded for easy identification. Felsa are brown, and Felsor are dark blue.

A block of Felsa weighs .5kg (1.1 pounds). A case of Felsa weighs 48kg and contains 96 blocks.

A block of Felsor weighs .75kg (1.65 pounds). A case of Felsor 49kg and contains 65 blocks.

Quantity Felsa Damage Felsor Damage
1/3 block 3 Personnel scale 3 Personnel scale
1/2 block 4 Personnel scale 4 Personnel scale
1 block 1 Armor scale 1 Armor scale
2 blocks 2 Armor scale 2 Armor scale
4 blocks 3 Armor scale 3 Armor scale
8 blocks 4 Armor scale 4 Armor scale

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