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Ayjo (Discipline)

Discipline is important in any culture. This is true with the Poku Saeruo Degonjo as well. Discipline is used for minor behavior problems. Criminal matters are dealt with by the Uoska Jyaonka (Codex of Law).

Youth 0 - 10 years

Poku'vonai children or baqlii below the age of 11 discipline is simple and direct. Most situations are dealt with a simple physical correction. A cuff to the head, or a stronger application to the bottom. Depending on the offense, additional punishment such as restrictions, confinement, etc are in the parents repertoire.

11 - 16 Years

At this stage of life, discipline becomes more formal. A baqli learns to submit for punishment. Submitting is acknowledging that they did something wrong.

This is done by the individual dropping to their knees and cocking their head to the side and back. Basically baring the throat. They then say, “Ti galsen” (I submit). In most cases that adult will simply place their hand on the side of the throat, and say “Ti giase” (I accept) state the punishment. If the offense is minor enough the act of submission is sufficient.

16 +

After the age of 15, submission becomes even more formal. Only the most minor offenses will suffice with just a hand against the throat. At this stage either a dewclaw or a blade is held against the throat. Depending on the degree of offense, in addition to the stated punishment, sometimes a blood offering is taken.

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