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Kavoráy Rouka (Embassy)

The Kavoráy Rouka or Alliance House is the Poku Saeruo Degonjo version of an Embassy.

About Kavoráy Rouka

They are built according to tradition. However, since the Norka (The Exodus) they had no need of them. In YE 35 the Vonai-Rya'ka (Emissary) entered into discussions with the Star Army of Yamatai for the purpose of establishing an Poku'kai Kavoráy (Alliance).




The Compound is the area outside of the Embassy. They are both ornamental and functional. It is surrounded by a one meter high fence. The fence is decorative, and is the symbolic marker for the grounds of the Embassy. This is also the limit of where the guardians of the Embassy have jurisdiction.

Most of the area is well groomed grass with trees placed for aesthetics. In the rear portion of the compound are two sections. One is called the Ambassador/Emissary's garden. The other is the Plaza.

Ambassador's Garden

This garden is expansive and has a winding footpath. The plants and layout are determined by the ambassador, it serves as a respite from their duties, and is often used as a place to conduct private business. When the Ambassador is in the garden no one may entered without their permission. There are benches placed along the footpath were a person may sit and admire the view. The footpath is laid out in graceful curves, and can sometimes be made into a maze. The center of the garden is a lone tree, and under it are wooden benches, with padded cushions.


The Plaza is a large open space that is walled in by tall shrubberies. The center area is covered in natural stone slabs or tiles. A water feature is present at the end of the Plaza opposite the two entrances. The plaza its self is located close to the Embassy, a walkway approaches it from the Embassy, and a second path comes from around the Embassy.

When entering the Plaza through either of the two entrances, a series of stone benches run along the edge of right side of the tiled area. Along the left side a number of statues or pieces of art are arranged in the grass. To the left of the water feature, a raised platform is present but mostly covered by shrubs. This platform is used for musicians during events. Along the base of the shrubbery wall small lamps are present which provide soft light during the evenings.

The Plaza is used for Festivities. Most of the time they are of course State Affairs. Tables with beverages, and finger foods are placed along the left side of the plaza. For evening events strings of lamps are attached to floating platforms to provide more lighting.


The actual Embassy structure consists of two buildings. Both of them are built in traditional Poku Degonjo Saeruo Ruohu-jyaoni (Architecture). The first building is a one story building, called the Place of Waiting. The second building is connected via an enclosed walkway to the Place of Waiting. It is a three story building which is called the Place of Meeting, and is the actual Embassy.

Place of Waiting

The Place of Waiting is the administrative portion of the Embassy. It serves as a reception area, and has offices that can handle administrative tasks, such as work visa approval and such.

There are ten floor to ceiling windows along the outside of the structure. A double door at the front is the main entrance. Stepping in a person walks into the atrium, which is a large open room in the center. There are eight offices, four on each side. The back section of the building is the waiting room for those people who need the services of the Embassy and its staff.

Opposite the main entrance are a pair of doors that enter the walkway which leads to the actual embassy.

During operating hours there are always four members of the Tavi Fua Jael (Blood Tooth Sect) for security.

Place of Waiting

The building is 54 meters in diameter.

Place of Meeting

This is the Embassy proper. It is a three story building. The top floor is dedicated to quarters for the embassy staff, and guests. The forward section of the second floor is administration. The back half of the floor is open to the first floor for the grand hall. There are offices on either side where private meetings can be held. The first floor has a section on the left dedicated to embassy communications. The right has side is lined with various offices used by the embassy staff. The main feature of the first floor is the grand hall. This room is adorned with polished wood, and has decorative beams that run along the walls and up to the ceiling. There are two sets of doors on the external wall which lead to the grounds. The Ambassador's office is located on the left side of the grand hall.

The structure has a diameter of 96 meters.


  • Administrative
    • Travel Papers Office
    • Work Visa Office
    • Trade Permit Office
    • Administration Office
    • Communications Office
    • Security Office
  • Ambassadorial
    • Ambassador's Office
    • Staff Quarters
    • Aid's Office
    • Medical Facility
  • Residential
    • Ambassador's Quarters
    • Staff Quarters
    • Guest Rooms
    • Kitchen
    • Dining Room
    • Storage

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