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Sotâkeano Jendome (Enclosed Colony)

:!: WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

In 754 CY (YE 35) the Poku Saeruo Degonjo began work on a colony structure that would ensure the safety of the fledgling settlements.

About the Enclosed Colony

Enclosed Colonies are designed with defenses for the occupants. These can be protection from environmental events or hostiles.

Since the Otâgo'iâmai (New Worlds) were previously held by the NMX; the clan wanted to ensure that until all traces of the despised enemy were gone from a world, the colonists would be safe.


An Environmental Enclosed Colony is a settlement that is ringed by a perimeter wall and shielding. Depending on the environmental condition, the wall may be retractable. The sections of the perimeter wall are abutted by towers on each side. The tower contains the shield projectors. Each section of the perimeter wall can be raised and lowered, depending on circumstances.

For a small colony or settlement, the wall reaches to 50 meters. Larger installations the wall is 100 meters. Regardless of size the walls are all composted of Mâqirây (Bound Metal).


A Hostile Enclosed Colony is a settlement that is ringed by a perimeter wall, shielding, HS-AF1-E72005 Life Detection Sensors, and defensive weaponry.

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