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Stako Yanuto (Exo-Skel)

Stako Yanuto (Exo-Skel) are mecha that have been used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo long before they came to this sector.


The origin of the Exo-skel predates the Norka (The Exodus). Designed originally as a means of assisting Poku'vonai in performing hazardous construction and cargo work. It was not long after the first successful model was created, that the concept was explored by the military and armed versions were developed.


This section provides a brief history and status of each class of mecha


Before the Norka (The Exodus) Wuny-me Stako or cargo skeleton was common place. This model was the only one that used Gianaka Gean (Fuel Cells). This was satisfactory since the fuel modules could be easily exchanged on site. While many of the Ultra or ultra-light class were brought with the clan, over the years their tasks were picked up by Light class. This was an effort to conserve resources.

In light of the movement to colonize worlds, this series may see a re-emergence.


The light class of Stako was the first enclosed one developed, and was the first 'military' version. It was soon a staple on most ships. When other larger frames were developed it was re-purposed for recon and survey. After the Norka it took over the role of the Ultra since most construction efforts where being conducted in vacuum. Many of the original ones that survived the journey were actually salvaged and their parts used to build new lights.

Over the years, this Stako remained the workhorse for the clan. With the clan moving out from the shadows, the need for more larger Stako has been seen. So the Goa'ismΓ’ (Scout) Stako Yanuto has undergone yet another iteration to carry it forward.


The original medium Stako was constructed for the purpose of operating alone and often behind enemy lines. It remained in use throughout the years, but in relatively small numbers. The model is equipped with heavier armor and sufficient weapons to deal with most threats. It also was capable of mounting a stealth system.

Production of the latest version is expected to increase as the clan moves to new worlds and a standing fighting force is required.


While the clan brought number of the Heavy class, they with the change in paradigm of the clan when they arrived in the sector, they were slowed phased out as their systems became obsolete and their role was not required. The last of the original Heavies were retired in 229 CY (YE -490).

In 752 CY (YE 33) interest in combat mecha returned and design and development began.


The Clan currently has three models of Stako Yanuto:

Class Name Purpose Status
Ultra Wuny-me Stako Cargo/Construction None
Light Goa'ismΓ’ (Scout) Stako Yanuto Survey / Recon Common
Medium Hata'egon (Stalker) Covert Ops Rare
Heavy Matu'dahoka (Battle Bear) Stako Yanuto Combat In Service


  • Running
  • Leaping
  • Increased Strength
  • Communications
  • Life Support


  • Zero-G Maneuver Rig - small thrusters for orientation and minor movement in 0 G
  • Atmospheric Movement Rig - VTOL Short Duration Flight
  • Space Movement Rig - Large boosters for faster movement in space
  • Arm utility module
  • Integrated Weaponry

Size Comparison

Size Compare

Unique Facets

This page lists some of the unique or identifying features of the Stako Yanuto.


Each of the models have a different head design.

Scout head

Bear head


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