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Janoymu Rofi (Filter Mask)

:!: WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

The Janoymu Rofi is a flexible filter mask for use by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. The current model came into production in 754 CY (YE 35).


The Janoymu Rofi is worn to protect the Poku'vonai from airborne hazards. They come in two models. The integrated filters are good for twelve hours of operation. When they have been used for that long the filter panel turns blue. They are kept in a sealed bag until used. They can be refurbished at appropriate facilities.

The masks are held in place by a adjustable straps. There is also a small port under the chin where a portable oxygen bottle can be attached.

Model I

Model I is designed to cover the nose and mouth. This protects the respiratory system. The Model I is pliable and can be carried in a small pouch worn on a belt. The Model I only has one strap.

Model II

Model II is designed to protect the entire face. The model II has two straps to hold it secure.

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