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Gianai (Foods)

This page provides information regarding some of the common foods consumed by the Poku'vonai of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.




Kywiqor (kīwēkhōr) or Meat Bugs are large insects that looked like scarabs, about three inches in length. They were discovered after the Norka (The Exodus). They are high in protein and when properly prepared actually have a texture like meat.


Laminwiqor'ka (lămēnwēkhōr-kă) or Large meat animal is a bovine animal resembling the Terran bison. They were brought with the clan. A small number of animals was brought alive while thousands of fertilized eggs were carried in storage. They first new herd was created and released into a habitat on Ikâtue (Rock) in the Pens. With the clan moving to new worlds, other herds will be cultivated on each colony world.


Voqmetao is an large avian that was found in the forests on Âmuar (Dream). See Fauna: Voqmetao for more details


These are the common variety of fruits available to the Poku'vonai.

Ymy vitdâmu

The ymyvitdâmu or white fruit, resembles the Terran white grape but is larger, typically measuring 4.27 cm (1.68 in) in diameter. The fruit grows in clusters of 20-35. The fruit has a slight ginger flavor. The ymyvitdâmu is a plant that the Poku'vonai brought with them during the Norka (The Exodus). This fruit is eaten raw and prepared. It is also used to make Poku'vonai ymy wine.

Iko vitdâmu

The ikovitdâmu or red fruit, resembles the Terran apple. The inside of the fruit is deep read. The fruit actually starts out white, but slowly turns red from the bottom up. This is why it sometimes called fauvitdâmu or blood fruit. The ikovitdâmu is a plant that the Poku'vonai brought with them during the Norka (The Exodus).

Pona vitdâmu

The ponavitdâmu or orange fruit, resembles the Terran tomato in shape and size. The fruit's flavor is similar to chili pepper. The plant was discovered during the Great Exodus, and taken with the fleet because of its rapid growth cycle. This fruit is eaten raw and prepared, the seeds from it are dried and used as a seasoning.

Volu vitdâmu

The voluvitdâmu or purple fruit, resembles the Terran pear in shape and flavor, but has a dark purple skin like an eggplant, and the interior is a pinkish pulp. The plant was discovered during the Norka (The Exodus) and taken as a way of expanding the diversity of the Poku'vonai diet.

Una vitdâmu

The unavitdâmu or brown fruit, these nuts resemble Terran walnuts. They are currently the only type of nuts the Poku'vonai consume. They were brought with them during the Great Exodus. The nut has a rich almost meaty smell and taste. Other Poku'vonai will eat other nuts

Ama vitdâmu

The amavitdâmu or blue fruit, resembles the strawberry in size and shape, but is a deep blue.


The Damui is a versatile plant that they clan brought from birth world. It produces wide long leaves, a seeded fruit. Its uses are as follows:

  • The large leaves are processed to make pulp for paper.
  • The fruit is opened and the pit is removed, the fruit is processed into a juice that has caffeine Damuisa (Energy Juice).
  • The pit is roasted and used to make a hot beverage Kadamui (Coffee).


Ikâ vitdâmu

The ikâvitdâmu or ground fruit, is a tuber that the clan use as their one of their primary starch sources. It resembles the Terran Yam. The Poku'vonai variant grow to about 1 meter in length.


The vitnodamu or grass offspring, is the Poku'vonai equivalent of wheat. It is the second starch the Poku'vonai consume.


The vitnokya or water grass is a strain of rice the Poku'vonai use. The current strain is one they acquired in the Kikyo Sector to replace their strain that was wiped out by a disease.

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