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HS-GV1-1a Saâdor Ikâ (Ground Glider)

The Saâdor Ikâ is a new Kujopnor Ikâ (Ground Repulsion) craft for use on planets by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo in YE 36 755 CY.

About the Saâdor Ikâ

The Saâdor Ikâ is a vehicle designed for travel on planets. The name is derived from the fact that it is held aloft by the Kujopnor Ikâ and that the propulsion system only fires periodically to maintain speed, or make directional adjustments. The craft uses Mâqitua'tomin (Transparent Light Metal) for its windows. This allows the windows to be blanked when the occupants are resting or the vehicle is parked and they do not want people to see what is inside. The craft makes a distinctive low pitch humming sound when the gravity system pulses, the more frequent the drive cycles the higher the pitch. The sounds is only heard externally.

Ground Glider

There are two large gull wing doors to allow access to the vehicle. The Saâdor Ikâ is a very simple vehicle to operate, it can be driving in one of three modes, manual, assist and automatic.

Saâdor Ikâ (Ground Glider)
Nomenclature: HS-GV1-1a
Type: Vehicle
Class: Ground
Designers: Otâmovi Wiy Jael
Manufacturer: Otâmovi Wiy Jael
Price: 4,500 OW
Length: 8 m (26.24 feet)
Width: 4 m (13.12 feet) -Body
5.2 m (17.06 feet) -Thrusters
Height: 2.33 m (7.64 feet)
Min speed: 0
Cruise speed:
Maximum speed: 300 kmh (180 mph)
Operator: 1
Passengers 6
Propulsion: Kujopnor Ikâ Heim Force Generator
Power Sumanâ-a Tyokanorjopa
Control Jodau Fiqorka
Environmental Damira Ikâ


The Saâdor Ikâ was designed shortly after the Otâgo'iâmai (New Worlds) colonization effort was announced. It was determined that the colonists would need dependable ground vehicles that could traverse a wide range of surfaces. During the design work it was decided that in addition to being acquired by government officials that the Saâdor Ikâ would be available for purchase by individuals.


The Saâdor Ikâ has an expansive field of vision due to the large windows that dominate its surface. It has a flattened sphere shape, with four graviton pulse drives visible from the landing struts. There is a round protrusion on the back which allows access to the engine and environmental systems. The Kujopnor Ikâ system components can be seen on the underside of the craft. There are four lamp assemblies which provide illumination for safe operation at night.


Class: Ground Nomenclature: HS-GV1-1a Type: Vehicle Designers: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Manufacturer: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Cost: 4,500 OW (Gold)


The craft has seating for up to seven people. The interior can be configured for various functions.

The operator seat is located in the nose, behind it are two rows of three passenger seats. The passenger seats fold and retract into the floor with the flip of a switch. The same switch can be used to restore the seat.

The seats are typically stain resistant fabric over acceleration foam. Each seat has seat belts to hold the occupants in place. The seats recline and can actually lay flat for sleeping.

The back area of the vehicle can be used to storage luggage for the occupants. Netting is provided to hold items stored in this area from moving during travel.


HS-GV1-F756/00 Chassis

The chassis is built on a frame of Mâqitua (Light Metal) beams and covered in a thin layer for the surface. The windows are constructed of Mâqitua'tomin (Transparent Light Metal).

HS-GV1-C756/00 Control

The heart of the control systems is a Jodau Fiqorka (Module Brain). It controls all aspects of the craft. There is a set of flight controls in the forward seat for the operator. There is a Iginâ Yoqa (Neural Link) port in the operator's seat.

There is a Global Positioning System unit to provide navigational data to the control system or operator.

The controls for the craft are actually quite simple. The lift is controlled by a slider to the left of the operator, allowing them to select how much height above the ground. Direction F/R is done with a button. A simple yoke is used for turning. The control system can also be used as an autopilot and navigate by waypoints.

HS-GV1-R756/00 Communications

The craft is equipped with a Ta'te Goly Norjopa (Far Talking Systems) radio system capable of multi-mode operation.

HS-GV1-P756/0x Propulsion

The Saâdor Ikâ uses two systems for its propulsion requirements.

HS-GV1-P756/00 Lift System

The craft uses the latest design of Kujopnor Ikâ (Ground Repulsion) to take care of keeping the craft aloft. This system is also used for moving the vehicle at slow speeds and to affect balancing. They can also be used to compensate for cross winds to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line in wind.

HS-GV1-P756/01 Low Powered Gravity Drive

The craft also uses four low powered Heim Force Generator for driving power. The drives operate in a pulse fashion when cruising, and constant only for acceleration and deceleration.

HS-GV1-G756/00 Power

The Saâdor Ikâ is powered by a compact Sumanâ-a Tyokanorjopa (Fusion Reactors) / Gean Norjopa (Generator). It fuel to run for sixty days.

HS-GV1-E756/00 Environmental

The vehicle uses the Damira Ikâ (Ground Environmental) system for occupant comfort.

HS-GV1-E756/01 Sensors

The Saâdor Ikâ has a limited set of sensors to allow the craft to be operated properly. The system has the following features.

  • Laser Doppler system, determines velocity along X and Y axis.
  • RADAR, long distance object detection and avoidance.
  • LADAR, close object detection and avoidance

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