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HS-AU1-1a Beâgor'a Âdor (Sky Hauler)

The Beâgor'a Âdor is a vehicle for transporting cargo containers or other items from one point to another. It came into use in 755 CY (YE 36).

Sky Hauler

About the Sky Hauler

The Beâgor'a Âdor pronounced běāgōr-ă ādōr was developed to allow the rapid transfer of supplies from one location to another. It is an atmospheric craft and can carry a HS-EC4-1a Wunyaka Tinsae (Starship Container-Greater) without difficulty. The Beâgor'a Âdor is configurable depending on what needs to be transported. A special module was created for use with it to allow the transportation of large groups of personnel. It can also be configured to transport Stako Yanuto (Exo-Skel) when needed.

The Beâgor'a Âdor uses eight Turbofan jet engines for lift and propulsion. They are mounted in pairs in pods that swivel to change thrust direction. Depending on the load, not all of the engines have to be running. The craft has a fusion reactor that supplies power to the craft.

The Beâgor'a Âdor has a three person crew, the pilot, co-pilot and cargo handler.

Beâgor'a Âdor (Sky Hauler)
Nomenclature: HS-AU1-1a
Type: Vehicle
Class: Air
Designers: Otâmovi Wiy Jael
Manufacturer: Otâmovi Wiy Jael
Price: 50,000 OW
Length: 11 meters (36.08 feet)
Width: 17 meters (55.76 feet)
Height: 4 meters (13.12 feet)
Min speed: 0
Cruise speed: 704.088 km/h (350 mph)
Maximum speed: 565 km/h (437.5 mph)
Maximum altitude: 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
Operator: 3
Passengers -
Propulsion: Nyora'ai Kujopniu (8) Heim Force Generator
Power Sumanâ-a Tyokanorjopa
Control Jodau Fiqorka
Environmental Damira Ikâ


The Beâgor'a Âdor is utilitarian in its design. It is predominantly H shaped. The four engine pods are the dominant feature protruding from the ends of the H. The structural strength of the craft comes from the central shaft which houses the fuel and power generators. On the exterior of each engine pod an orange lamp is visible for anti-collision. During landing and lift off, a red band of light is illuminated on the pods. They operate when the craft is at 20 meters or less from the ground. They provide warning to ground crew that the craft's thrust is a hazard.

A cockpit is attached to the frame and has two lamps used for low altitude flight. There are six other lamps on the frame that are used during landing and loading.

Maintenance panels can be seen on the engine pods and the main structure.


The previous cargo carrying craft were about half the size of the Beâgor'a Âdor. They were intended to lift the smaller containers used by the clan. With the start of the colonization efforts, larger craft capable of carrying the largest containers that an Wunyaka Vonai (Ark) has. During the design stage the Wotanu Abokatinka Poku (Clan Defense Fleet) contacted the designers to see about modifying craft for use in deploying Stako Yanuto (Exo-Skel) to forward staging areas.

The prototypes went into field testing early in 755 CY. By the later part of the year, the final version was put into production.

Sky Hauler w/Container




  • 3, Pilot, Co-pilot, and Cargo


  • Height: 4 meters (13.12 feet)
  • Width: 17 meters (55.76 feet)
  • Length: 11 meters (36.08 feet)


The Beâgor'a Âdor is an nimble craft.

  • Atmospheric: Cruise: 704.088 km/h (350 mph) Maximum: 565 km/h (437.5 mph)
  • Max altitude: 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
  • Range: Operating time flight time 12 hours

Durability and Maintenance

Service Lifespan: Estimated 10 years of constant use, possibly longer with refits.

Refit Cycle: Routine updates are done when returned to Degonjo Saeruo (Hidden Sun System) by the Silver Moon Sect at the Poku Movi Vamâqi (Clan Void Berth)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 15 Armor
  • Shields: 5 (Threshold 1)

Inside the Beâgor'a Âdor

The Beâgor'a Âdor cockpit is very utilitarian. It has three Buvoli Vyma'te (Acceleration Chair) for use by the crew. Access to the cockpit is via a hatch in the bottom that has a telescoping ladder that extends to the ground. The lead seat is the pilot station, the one on the port side is for the co-pilot, and the cargo person is the final station.

There are two Fire Extinguisher 🧯s mounted in the corners of the back wall. A small bathroom is accessed by a door just behind the floor hatch.



Side view

HS-AU1-F755/00 Frame

The Beâgor'a Âdor is built on a frame of Mâqirây (Bound Metal) for strength and durability. It is covered in sheets of Mâqitua (Light Metal). The cockpit window is made out of Mâqitua'tomin (Transparent Light Metal).

HS-AU1-C755/00 Control and Sensors

The vehicle is equipped with a Jodau Fiqorka (Module Brain) to supply the command and control system.

And has the following components from the HS-AF1-E720xx Tin'sa Mâbor'a (Small craft Sensors)

HS-AU1-R755/00 Communications

The Beâgor'a Âdor communications system gives the craft Radio, which can be used for voice or digital communications.

HS-AU1-V755/00 Environmental

The Beâgor'a Âdor uses a compact Damira Ikâ (Ground Environmental) to maintain a comfortable, breathable atmosphere in the cockpit.

HS-AU1-G755/00 Power

The Beâgor'a Âdor uses a Sumanâ-a Tyokanorjopa (Fusion Reactors) with a Gean Norjopa (Generator) as the vehicle primary power.

HS-AU1-G755/01 Reserve power

The vehicle is equipped with a Gianaka Gean (Fuel Cells) for starting and emergency power.

HS-AU-P755/00 Nyora'ai Kujopniu (Turbofan Jet Engines)

The Beâgor'a Âdor is equipped with eight Turbofan jet engines for lift and propulsion. The engines run on a synthetic fuel that burns cleanly. The vehicle carries enough fuel to operate for a maximum of twelve hours.

HS-AU-P755/01 Heim Generator

The vehicle is equipped with a Heim Force Generator which engages only in the event the P755/00 are damaged and flight is not possible. If the vehicle has no cargo it can make its way slowly to a safe landing point. If hauling a cargo, the system allows the craft to slow their descent to minimize damage.

HS-AU-S755/00 Shield

The Beâgor'a Âdor is equipped with a low grade shield, to protect the vehicle from dangerous meteorological hazards. The system is based on the HS-SS2-S720/00 Anoka Wotanu'pa (Defense Shield).

HS-AU-X755/00 Claws

The Beâgor'a Âdor by default is configured with three sets of claws. These are capable of holding securely the following. In the case of the small container each claw holds one container for a total of 3.

Starship Containers

HS-AU-X755/01 Landing Struts

The Beâgor'a Âdor has three landing struts on each of the engine pods. The feet and strut retract into the pod. They are capable of extending up to a maximum of 1 meter.

Landing struts


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