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Ruoka (House)

The largest social group in the Poku Saeruo Degonjo is a Ruoka (rūō-kă) or House. This represents an extended family, including several generations of members. They can be patriarchal or matriarchal simply based on the oldest member of the House. Some of the Clan Houses can trace their history back to the pre-history. While others are relatively young. Each house has its own Afirmugaly (Heraldry). Members of a given House can technically be members of various Jaeli (Sects). Although a small house often will only have members from the same Jaeli (Sects). Poku'vonai can marry outside of their House, but the couple then faces three choices. They can join the husband's House, the wife's House, or start their own House.

Ruoka'ka (Major House)

A Ruoka'ka Major House is large, respected, and well established. They typically have a distinguished history within the clan of achievements. Because of this they typically receive the best arms, armor and ships that the Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) has to offer. All of the Ruoka'ka also have a seat on the Tanoi (Council). A house must have at least one hundred families to be considered for the status of Ruoka'ka. They must then approach the Council and petition for the status. The approval only requires a simple majority of the seated Council. It is a rare event that a house receives this accolade on its first attempt, unless they have had a recent major event.

Ruoka'sa (Minor House)

A Ruoka'sa Minor House typically has fewer than one hundred families, though some are larger. They do not enjoy the privilege of having a seat on the Council.

Creating a House

The creation of a House is an important responsibility, and the group wanting to create one must petition the Council. They must prove that they have the means and resources to operate, and fulfill the responsibilities of a House.

Ruokai Puko

Ruokai Puko, in the clan speak means Houses of the clan. In English it would be Clan Houses.

This section lists some of the known Ruoka of the clan. A Rouka with the 'jo added to their names are from the Âdor-Pedavuome that was found in 631 CY.


These are some of the larger and more influential Ruoka.


These are some of the smaller more numerous Ruoka.

Restricted, see Nashoba before making a member.

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