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HS-MH3-W754/02B Streamers

The HS-MH3-W754/02B was developed for use by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo in the Matu'dahoka (Battle Bear) Stako Yanuto, it became available in 754 CY YE 35.

About the HS-MH3-W75402B

The W754/02B when fired ejects multiple streamers of RADAR reflective material. This causes a false target and can possibly cause targeting to shift. The projectile detonates at two seconds causing the sides of the projectile to separate into eight pieces. Each piece releases twenty radar reflective strips thirty meters long, thus creating a radar signature with the intent of diverting a locked on missile.


Manufacturer: Poku Saeruo Degonjo Nomenclature: HS-MH3-W754/02B Type: Chaff Class: ECM Designer: Otรขmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect)

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