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Kadamui (Coffee)

Kadamui (kădă-mūē) is a popular beverage with most adult Qaktoro. It was brought from Otâgolisoy (Birth world) by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo during the Norka (The Exodus).

Kadamui is brewed from the seeds of the damui plant. The seeds is roasted to preserve it and ground prior to brewing. The beverage contains caffeine, the strength depends on the brew. This is the clan's equivalent of coffee. There are a variety of blends available grown by various Ruoka (House).

Kadamui has very little natural sweetness but a hint of spice, which some drinkers like. It is most commonly drank black with either sugar or honey to sweeten it. It is uncommon for a person to drink it with cream or milk as well as sweetener.

It should be noted that Kadamui is much stronger than coffee drank by humans.

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