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Wytani Jyaonka (Law Enforcement)

:!: WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

Every culture has some group charged with enforcing the laws. Within the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, this responsibility falls to the Wytani Jyaonka.

Within the Wytani Jyaonka there are multiple sections each tasked with a specific function. There are two levels of law enforcement.

  • Municipal - deal with local crimes
  • Clan - deals with major crimes, their jurisdiction is anywhere within the clan.


Jurisdiction for a municipal group of enforcement is a city state on the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station), or a settlement, town or city. Jurisdiction does not stop at the border of the above. It technically extends beyond. If there are two towns, their jurisdiction extends to the midpoint between them.




This section is mainly comprised for personnel from the Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect). There are two groups within it. Crime Scene Investigation, and Forensic Scientist

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