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Usonori Sate (Lean Times)

This was a period in the history of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo that lasted twenty five years, starting in CY 690 and ending in CY 715.

The Beginning

The Usonori Sate lasted twenty five years, and started with the appointment of Mui (Clan Leader) Beti Voiqua. The sector was engaged in battles by the factions present. War was typically good for the Clan. But Voiqua put down a series of edicts that governed hunting and gathering. Under the guise of protecting the Clan, the edicts in fact gave the best opportunities to the larger Punla (Family) and Ruokai (Houses). The minor ones suffered and so did the lower classes. Less than half the Clan's ships for hunting and gathering were active, and most of their spoils fattened the Tanoi (Council) accounts.

Smaller Ruokai resorted to defying the edicts with caution. One in ten hunts would “lose their way” and operate in the areas restricted.

For many it was the reserves that provided for them, but the vast supplies were nearly exhausted by 705 CY. Fewer of Ruokai could support their ships and had to resort to taking loans against them to keep them running. When the loans inevitably went into default the ships would be seized. More and more of the lower class members suffered and their pleas were unheeded by the Tanoi

In 710 a Goa'a started opposing the Tanoi.

The Prophet

The emergence of a charismatic Goa'a in the Detis Goa'ai Jael (Faith Walkers Sect) claimed to have a vision from Siamaka. His name was Aomi Melnoa, holding the rank of Kasâvyjo (Junior Master). He insisted on speaking to the Tanoi and deliver his message. He entered wearing on the basic trappings of his position. He accused the Tanoi of having broken faith with Siamaka and the people. That they had become more concerned with their plots, schemes and position seeking. He called for the Mui to step down and for a new Tanoi to be seated.

The Tanoi had him dragged from the chamber and threatened to have him locked up if he continued to incite sedition.

Melnoa began to preach to the lower classes. Calling for them to stand up to the Tanoi tyranny. Slowly his following grew and they began peaceful civil disobedience. This continued for several years and his popularity and following grew. By 713 CY his following was over two million devoted Poku'vonai. He led them to the Tanoi hall to protest. The council ordered his arrest and members of the Tavi Fua Jael (Blood Tooth Sect) moved to capture him. His followers resisted and bloody fighting broke out in the hall, and into the streets. The fighting continued for several days. The death toll was over 100,000 made of members of both sides. Melnoa to stop the bloodshed agreed to surrender with the promise of a meeting with the Mui to discuss changes.

For more than a year Melnoa waited and prayed in his cell. He wrote missives to his followers and told them Mui Volga refused to fulfill his promise to meet with the Goa'a. Melnoa sent one last missive that in eight-Odasaenor (weeks) the sufferings of the people would end, and the Tanoi would be replaced.

The Tanoi and Mui having heard about his pronouncement, took steps stop any more missives. They put a contingent of guards on Melnoa's cell around the clock, no one was to have any contact with him except to bring food, which would be given to the guards and then to the prisoner.

The End

On the day Melnoa had predicted, he was found dead lying on his bed. In his hand was a hand written note that read, “I stand in the presence of Siamaka, and await your visit.” The body was examined and no cause of death could be found. The faithful believed Melnoa was taken by Siamaka. By that evening Mui Volgua stepped down at the insistence of the Tanoi. Volgua was later found in his home dead, having performed the Sou Fofi (Cleansing Death). The next day they surrendered their seats and a new Tanoi and Mui were put in place. This event marked the end of the Usonori Sate.

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