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Weâm Risi'te (Drinking Place)

:!: WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

Members of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo like most cultures need to relax, socialize and sometimes let of some steam. These businesses are privately owned and operated. Smaller ones are typically owned by individuals or a Punla (Family).

The drinking places fall into two types:

  • Weâm Risi'te (Night club) often feature live acts, dancing, and of course plenty of libations
  • Weâris (Pub) smaller, more intimate, prerecorded mostly, but some live performances do happen. Tend to be a bit more rowdy.

Weâm Risi'te

These are larger facilities, which often feature live acts, dancing, and of course plenty of libations. They have a larger capacity normally rated in 100's.


These offer a more informal drinking environment. Their capacity is normally less than 100 people for safety reasons. Most Weâris feature standard beverages, and typically include local brands. All Weâris have a prominent bar, the standard is made of a highly polished dark wood such as Vithuoila. Tall Buvoli Ovume (Standing chair) are aligned along the front of the bar.

It is very uncommon for a Weâris to not have a Âdaho'te (Dueling) place. They are roped off to keep spectators from interfering with the duelist. Kamu'ka Âdaho'te (Sport Dueling) it the norm, and the Weâris typically provides the Gean'sa Veltin (Shock Blade). A display board is mounted behind the dueling area which tracks the score. Wagering is a big part of dueling which allows non-participants to get a piece of the action. Wagering is handled by a staff member, and the winner usually gets 25% of the take.


The Weâris The main and most prominent feature of a Weâris is of course the bar. Along most of the bar Buvoli Ovume (Standing chair) are placed to allow patrons to drink at the bar.

Another feature of most

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