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Fiqorous'sa Usapo'te (Cellular Stimulator)

The Fiqorous'sa Usapo'te Cellular Stimulator is a medical device used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo to accelerate healing at the cellular level. It was developed in 537 CY (YE -182).


The device emits a form of energy that accelerates specific cellular activity within the beam. It is available in a handle held unit and larger table top unit. The cellular stimulator can stimulate the following cell types, dermal, skeletal, musculature, by selecting the desired type. The larger the area the beam is spread over, the weaker the effect and the slower the cellular activity is.

Dermal treatment results are best when used in conjunction with Wapoin Nรขma (Healing Gel).

Table top is intended to accelerate general injuries over a large area.

Hand held is designed for targeted healing of specific injuries or conditions.


The Fiqorous'sa Usapo'te was originally developed to help with treating cuts and lacerations on the dermis. However testing showed that it could be used to accelerate the healing of other damage when used by a trained Wapoin'aka (Doctor).


It has the same appearance as all Wapointe Gean'te - Components.


Wapoin'aka (Doctor) can use the device safely during surgical procedures, to fuse broken bones, and treat skin injuries.

Wapoin'asa (Nurse) can use the device to accelerate the healing of dermal injuries.

Note: The hand held unit can be set to a beam width of 1mm to 3 cm depending upon the task.

Note: Table top unit 10cm x 10cm to 50 cm x 50 cm area of affect. Burns, hairline fractures, torn muscles

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