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Wapointe Gean'te - Components

All Wapointe Gean'te (Radiant Healing) are constructed with the following components: emitter, controller, power source. Handheld units use interchangeable parts, by changing the emitter the unit's purpose changes. The larger units while capable of interchanging, usually do not.

The handheld unit is cylindrical about 25cm (10 inches] long and 1.5 inches wide. controller and power section are tapered.


The controller portion of the unit is where the controls for mode, strength and beam width are located. The activator is located on the bottom which turns the beam on and off. When installed in a stationary unit, the controller is operated remotely.


For easy identification, the base of the emitter has two colored stripes. The emitter has a data chip that is accessed by the controller to provide the necessary programming parameters. It has an array of crystals that the energy is focused through.


In handheld units this is a rechargeable power back embedded in the hand grip. For stationary units it is the mounting feature that connects it to the unit's control armature.

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