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Faulumu'a (Genealogist)

Genealogy has always been important in Poku Saeruo Degonjo culture. The ability to trace ones ancestry is necessary for those who wish to ascend to power and position.

The Kyn Lumu'ai Jael (Lore Keepers Sect) sect charged with maintaining the vital records, has the complete repository. Their records run back more than two thousand years. Faulumu'a are the only members who have unlimited access to these records. Other clan members may look up persons who they are descended from but may only see four generations.

Language Faulumu'a
Meaning Genealogist
Pronounced: făūlūmū ă

Genealogists are trained in following the records and determining a members lineage. This includes their lineage by blood and by marriage. When given a task, the person must specify how far back they want to see and if they want to see a direct blood line or a full.

Note: this is a Non-player character occupation.

This table provides information on which Jaeli (Sects) this occupation exists.


Persons working in this occupation can hold any Sabu (Rank). Their rank is commensurate with their skills, subject matter and abilities.

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