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Physical Displays

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo like other cultures have their ways of demonstrating relationship, affection, and or caring. This page lists the various types and describes the relationship or situation where appropriate. These are not military displays.

Display Description Relationship Situation
Touched raised palms This is the pressing of one hand of each participant palm to palm. Hands are held at heart level. To individuals who meet A formal greeting between equals.
Touched level palms Pressing of palms horizontally. Hand is held flat with fingers pointed to the other. The senior members hand is palm down. The junior is palm up. A formal greeting between a superior and subordinate.
One arm clasp This is the clasping of one arm from each person. Typically the hands clasp around the forearm near the elbow between the two. Between two friends, two who work together Usually to show solidarity. Also can be to show support, or a silent form of wishing the other good luck
Two arm clasp Clasping both arms from each person, with the hand clasped around the forearm near the elbow. Life long friends, warriors who have served together for a long time. A stronger form of the One arm clasp, this best means I am with you to the end.
Touching foreheads Two or more individuals touch their foreheads together at the same time. Family members, long time retainers, or close friends A show of affection, normally at a time of parting.
Holding tails tails entwined romantic group, family parent child, mates equivalent of holding hands in humans. Can be done while walking, or to offer sympathy when one is emotionally distraught, or ill.
Holding crossed hands a simple hand clasp, right hand to right hand, or left to left. friends, coworkers, persons conducting business Done at the conclusion of an event, or transaction
Head butt A joint solid thump of the forehead by both parties Rivals Typically done at the start of a competition, or challenge.
Peck kiss pressing of noses and move to the side of the face then a flick of the tongue across the others lips Family, or romantic person A casual form of kissing acceptable for public.
Face rub rubbing ones face against the others face and neck Romantic Private displays of affection or in cases where appropriate, eg, Wedding or anniversary

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