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Sâbu & Fabota (Rank & Position)

This page details significant positions within the Poku Saeruo Degonjo and their title and or Honorific. Some Poku'vonai may actually hold more than one title, the proper usage depends on the context. In addition to holding a position members of the Clan have a rank within their profession.


A Poku'vonai's Fabota (position) is an indicator of their stature within the clan. Each Fabota has a Sâmi (title, honorific) the term that is used to denote their position. This table shows the Sâmi for each major position.

Sâmi (Qaktoro) Title (English) Description
Mui Clan Leader Current ruler of the Clan
Mui-Ta'a Speaker for the Mui Person given the authority for speak for the Mui
Poku-Ta'a Clan Leader Archaic: term for clan leader
Tanoi'a One on the Council Seated Tanoi (Council) member
Jael-Ta'a Speaker for the Sect Leader of a Sect
Jael-To'â Assistant Leader Second of a Sect
Ruoka-Ta'a Speaker for the Ruoka (House) Leader of a House
Ruoka-To'â Assistant for a house Second of a House
Punla-Ta'a Speaker for the Punla (Family) Leader of a Family
Punla-To'â Assistant for a family Second of a Family
Baqlipia Designate Oldest child in a Family
Hatakur-Ta'a Speaker for a hunt Leader of a hunt
Tin-Ta'a Speaker for a ship Commander of a vessel
Tin-To'a (Ship Second) Second for a ship Second in command of a vessel
Sar - Common Honorific (Mr, Mrs, Miss)
Sari - Plural of Sar
Imatloi Spouse (F) Wife 1)
Imatloa Spouse (H) Husband 2)

Context Examples

A seated member of the Council, Jorun Gefli, is also the Head of a House, as well as of a Family. Here are examples of when each Honorific would be used.

  • When at the Council, or discussing matters regarding the Council he would be referred to as: Jael-Ta'a Gefli.
  • When representing the Ruoka (House) at a function, or addressing the families within the House he would be referred to as: Ruoka-Ta'a Gefli
  • When representing the Punla (Family) at a function he would be referred to as: Punla-Ta'a Gefli

Note: It is always acceptable to refer to a person by a higher Honorific if they have one.


A Poku'vonai holds a specific Sâbu (rank)) within their Jaeli (Sects). All Jaeli (Sects) use the same ranking system so that members of other Jaeli (Sects) and easily identify the rank of others. There are two forms of identification for an individual's rank a symbol and a colored cord. The symbol is a number of stylized daggers. The ranks signify not only the skill level of the individual but also the level of responsibility the person carries. Each rank is paid a Kâbolelpa weekly.

Rank Symbol Cord Term Definition Material
10 Rank 10 Black Jael-Ta'a Speaker for the Sect Gold
9 Rank 9 Grey Kasâvyjo'a Senior Master Gold
8 Rank 8 Brown Kasâvyjo'sa Master Gold
7 Rank 7 Brown & Purple Kasâvyjo Junior Master Gold
6 Rank 6 Purple Sasâvyjo'ka Senior Journeyman Silver
5 Rank 5 Blue Sasâvyjo'sa Journeyman Silver
4 Rank 4 Yellow Sasâvyjo Junior Journeyman Silver
3 Rank 3 Yellow & Orange Sâvyjo'ka Senior Apprentice Brass
2 Rank 2 Orange Sâvyjo'sa Apprentice Brass
1 Rank 1 Red Sâvyjo Junior Apprentice Brass
- White Initiate -

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Soresu on Jul 19, 20103)

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