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Baqnor (move from youth)

This page describes one of the rituals of the hidden_sun_clan.

Ritual name Baqnor
Meaning move from youth
Pronounced: bฤƒkh-nor

This is a Rite of Passage that all Qaktoro undergo at the age of 16. The ritual is optional for the other clan_people. However, not taking passing the ritual will affect how they are seen within the clan.

During this ritual they must pass a test from each of the sects. Members of the oath_binders oversee the tests.

  1. Test of Lore and History - (lore_keeper) The individual must pass a test involving their knowledge of history and basic clan law.
  2. Test of Weapons - (blood_tooth) a member of this clan tests the individual's ability with Qaktoro personal weapons.
  3. Test of Proficiency - (silver_moon) The individual has to pass a series of challenges involve clan tech.
  4. Test of Patience - (swift_knife) The individual is taken to the The Preserve, once there they are given three items, a knife, a length of rope and flask of water. They must cross the The Preserve within 24 hours while tracking and killing a specified animal along with way.
  5. Test of Faith - (faith_walkers) The last challenge is a test of endurance.

It is a rare event for a Qaktoro to fail the Baqnor, but it does happen occasionally. A Qaktoro failing to pass the Baqnor has two choices: sterilization, or sou_fofi. If a member of the other clan_people fails the Baqnor, they will forever been seen as inferior to the Qaktoro.

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