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Siama'a Mui (Blessing the Leader)

This page describes one of the Devotopai (Rituals) of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Ritual name Siama'a Mui
Meaning to bless the clan leader
Pronounced: sฤ“ฤƒ-mฤƒ-ฤƒ Mลซ-ฤ“

The Siama'a Mui formerly known as Siama'a Poku-ta'a bless the speaker of the clan is the ceremony of confirming the Mui (Clan Leader) and bestowing the blessings of the Siamaka (Great Divine). Until this ritual is conducted the leader has no official authority.

The new Mui enters the Council chambers wearing their Umatsa (robe) decorated in family colors and symbols. Under that they wear their Jendomu (tunic) in Sect color, crest and rank.

The ritual starts with the Kyn Lumu'ai Jael (Lore Keepers Sect) extolling the accomplishments of the Mui, and an accounting of their lineage. Once the history is concluded the Mui removes their Umatsa and hands it to a member of their family. Next the Ta'a of the Mui's Jael extols the individuals accomplishments within the Jael. After they complete this, the Mui removes their Jendomu and hands it to the Ta'a.

These two steps represent the ending of the Mui's old life, completing their personal achievements, and their affiliation with their Jael.

The Mui is then presented a with an Umatsa by a Goa'a from the Detis Goa'ai Jael (Faith Walkers Sect). The Ta'a for the Detis Goa'ai then performs a blessing, asking for Siamaka to bless and guide the Mui, and to help him lead wisely. They then call for the a representative of every Jaeli (Sects) and Ruoka'ka to pledge their loyalty.

After the pledging is complete the Mui is then presented with a Lapurnium (sash) adorned with the symbols for all the Jael. Once the Mui ties the sash on the ceremony is complete and the Mui is empowered.

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