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Sou Fofi (Cleansing Death)

This page describes one of the Devotopai (Rituals) of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Ritual name Sou Fofi
Meaning death to cleanse
Pronounced: sลลซ fล-fฤ“

The Sou Fofi is an acceptable way of making atonement. If a Poku'vonai gets caught in something that would bring significant shame upon their Jaeli (Sects), Ruoka (House), or Punla (Family). Ritual suicide allows the person to protect their affiliations. It is also practiced by some who fail the Baqnor (move from youth).

The individual typically says their farewells to any family or friends that they wish to. A Detis Goa'a (Faith Walker stays with the individual to serve as a witness and to assist. They then go into a private room and the individual disrobes. They remove all clothing and carefully fold each piece and place it to the side of the room. As they place each they say aloud that they separate themselves from the Ruoka (House), and Punla (Family). The Goa'a then asks if the individual wishes to make a statement which will be recorded. After the individual either declines or makes their statement they are ready to perform the final step.

The individual then kneels on a pad on the floor. They take up a Sou Veltin (Death Blade) in both hands. The dagger has two long narrow tapered blades that run side by side. The spacing is just wide enough to pass on either side of the Qaktoro sternum. The typical hilt of a knife is replaced with a T shaped bar wide enough for both hands to hold it. The individual then holds the knife against their chest. They then have the option to plunge the blade into their own chest thereby puncturing their heart, or they can fall upon the blade and drive it in that way. Either is acceptable. In the event that the individual fails to properly thrust the blade, the Gao'a will then take the blade and thrust it in properly.

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