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Kavoráy Rây'ai Jael (Oath Binders Sect)

This page contains information on the Kavoráy Rây'a Jael of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Sect name Kavoráy Rây'ai
Meaning Oath binders
Pronounced: kăv-ō-rāī rāī-ăē
Symbol: A stylized chain made of letters

The Kavoráy Rây'ai back in the days of the old Qaktoro Empire before the Norka (The Exodus), they were the diplomats and ambassadors for the clan. They also served as mediators to help resolve disputes between the Jaeli (Sects) and families.

Today the Kavoráy Rây'ai continue to serve the clan in the role of mediation. Members of the Kavoráy Rây'a also serve in matters of clan law. They can often be found serving as lawyers, judges, tribunals and appellates.

This Jael enjoys a special status within the clan in that they maintain partiality and neutrality. The other Jaeli recognize these traits, and accept their decisions.

Issue Addition

Add the following item to your character's starting inventory of work items.

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