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Bâna'te Tin (Ship Naming)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

This page provides information regarding the naming of Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessels, appropriate ways to refer to the vessel.


The original vessels of a class of ship typically incorporate part of the class name into them. The exception is when the the ship class is a single word such as the HS-SE1-1A Ismâo'a (Searcher) - Class Ship.

  • Yome Nuiqai-Class Ship (Wings of Hawk)
    • Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk)
    • Yome Dahote (Fighting Hawk)
    • Nuiqai Tyo'te (Fire Wings)
    • Nuiqai Usapo (Swift Wings)

Short name

Members serving aboard a ship can use a short version of the ship's name in general conversation. This is out of simple expediency, and a sense of belonging. In much the same way friends can have nicknames for each other.

It is acceptable for crew members of the Yome Ismâopate to use just the Yome. Because it is implied that they are talking about their ship. Example: “I can't wait to get back onboard the Yome.”

Gender Pronoun

Within the Poku when a person chooses to use a pronoun instead of the ship's name. It is appropriate to use the gender of the Brain for the ship.

  • The brain for the Yome Ismâopate is called Tasi. Tasi has chosen to be referred to a male. So the ship would be used by he or him. A Bajao'ka Tinsae (Starship Engineer) reporting the status of the ship to the Tin-Ta'a (Ship Commander), “He took quite a pounding Sar. But we will have him in fighting shape in three days.”
  • In the case of a ship that the gender of the brain is not known the pronoun It would be used.
  • If a ship does not have a gender biased control system, the pronoun It would be use. Typically this would be when dealing alien vessels.

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