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Niu'te Ruo'sa (Airlock)

There are times when Poku Saeruo Degonjo members must exit a spacecraft to perform extra-vehicular activities. Niu'te Ruo'sa (airing rooms) or airlocks provide a means of exiting the craft without loss of environment. Regardless of size they all contain the following:


There are two matching sets of controls, one in the ship interior, and the other is in the airlock. There are no exterior controls for the airlock. There is an emergency manual release mechanism that can be used when effecting rescue of a damaged ship.

Standard Airlock

Air Chamber

The Air chamber is the space between the inner and outer doors. The walls, floor and ceiling are reinforced with Mรขqirรขy (Bound Metal) to resist damage from pressure changes


The inner door is Anomu Wunyte (Security Door) to withstand great pressure and damage.

The exterior door constructed same material as the outer hull. The door is tapered with the outer edge slightly smaller than the back, and has a thin layer of gasket material. When the door slides closed, pneumatics then push against the back of the door forcing it tightly against the hull creating an airtight seal. When cycled the door withdraws into the ship and slides to the side.

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