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Nyora'a Ruo'sa (Engineering)

This is the description of the standard engineering space aboard Poku Saeruo Degonjo Tini Poku (Clan Ships)

Engine Room

The room is two decks high and accessed through Anomu Wunyte (Security Door)s. on both decks. It has two Makoa Kâbo'ka (Work Console)s with Buvoli Kâbo'ka (Work Chair)s. Hull braces composed of Mâqirây (Bound Metal) protrude from the side Anoi (Walls). There are Tyo'te Wuny'ta (Fire Suppression) ports and standard Ibâ'te (Lighting) in the ceiling.

The dominant feature of the room is the Movi Geanme Tyokanorjopa (Quantum Foam Reactor), literally the heart of the ship. Along the sides of the room in line with the ship's axis are the Tinvyma Movidoanor (Tunnel Drive) components. Additionally there are two Âmanus Tyokanorjopa (Anti-Hydrogen Reactor) for tactical power.

There are catwalks and ladders that allow movement between the two levels. Along the rear wall there are Ânamusme Wunyasa (Damage Station) for storing parts and equipment.

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