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Ta'a Uospa'te Ruo'sa (Leader Room)

This is the type of quarters used by leaders of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo serving on ships.

Leader Room

The room has a standard Anomu Wunyte (Security Door) for access. The room has Damira Jyaonpa (Environmental Controls), and an intercom station for the occupants. The floor is covered in a loop rug. The room features two closets, a Vakâme Âotunay (Double Bed). There are ceiling mounted Ibâ'te (Lighting) and two small reading lamp over the bed. A small table, and three chairs. Located between the closets is the door to the Fofinor Ta'a (Leader Bath). There are Tyo'te Wuny'ta (Fire Suppression) nozzles in the ceiling.

The occupants of the room are permitted to add other furniture items for their personal needs.

The room is equipped with Uos Tasbai (Sounds of Life) speakers and controls.

Chair Options

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