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Siama Ruo'sa (Divine Room)

The Siama Ruo'sa is the place of worship on Poku Saeruo Degonjo. All starships have a Siama Ruo'sa for use by the crew. They are typically maintained by a Detis Goa'a. For convenience the Goa'a has a Uospa'te Ruo'sa (living room) adjacent to the temple and also has a personal workspace as well. Smaller vessels may have a Siama Ruo'sa without a dedicated Goa'a or quarters for one.

Small temple

There is an altar located at the front of the Ruo'sa and a cloth is draped across the altar for ceremonies. The cloth is typically in the colors based on the Afirmugaly (Heraldry) of the owning Jaeli (Sects), Ruoka (House), or Punla (Family). The Siamaka symbol is suspended above the altar and rotates slowly. The ceiling of the temple is typically decorated with a scene of space; star fields and nebulae being the most common subjects. Tyo'te Wuny'ta (Fire Suppression) ports will be present but made to blend into the decoration.

The main entrance to the Siama Ruo'sa is located opposite of the altar. The floor is covered in a plush carpet, and the crew members participating in the ceremonies stand, sit, or kneel on the floor. Temple floors are always a golden-brown color. There is Ibรข'te (Lighting) in the ceiling.

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