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Uos Tasbai (Sounds of Life)

Sound is an important facet of Poku Saeruo Degonjo ships. It is included to help maintain the psychological well being of the crew.

All living and public areas are equipped with small speakers. Through these the system plays a variety of background sounds. They are recordings of natural sounds from planets. The system is sophisticated enough that it can create 3D effects with the sounds so that the sound of a 'cricket' will appear to move around the room. Rustling sounds of grass, leaves and wind will come from varying directions. The volume of these sounds is not loud enough to interfere with normal conversations. The ship's brain controls the system and by learning the preferences of its crews will choreograph the sounds to suit the crew and groups.

Private Rooms

The living quarters of the Poku'vonai on ships, can be programmed for personal preferences. They can select volume and content.

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