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Vamâqi Obekâte (Service Berth)

The Vamâqi Obekâte or Service Berth is one of the Mâhoai Âdor (Sky Harbors) facilities. They are used for spacecraft that require service. Service is defined as routine maintenance. Life support systems are purged and recharged, reactors are shut down, inspected and worn components replaced. While this is taking place all compartments are typically cleaned and sanitized.

A Vonainor (Passenger) concourse connects at the front of the berth to allow the crew and passengers to leave the vessel.

A Obekâte (Service) for use by the technicians connects the berth with the rest of the Sky Harbor.

There is a robotic boom that supplies, external power, Norjopa Yoqa'te (Machine Connecting) connection to the craft allowing it to shut down their primary systems.

See Obekâtei (Services) for fee schedule.

Enclosed Service Berth

On planets with a hazardous or corrosive atmosphere, berths are designed to lower the platform into the ground after a vessel has been placed on it. The berth is then covered by panels made of Mâqirây (Bound Metal) and the atmosphere purged.

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