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Râyjo Vonai (Bound People)

Slavery is an interesting concept among the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. The term is râyjo vonai or bound people. This is because the slave is bound to the person. The slaves actions reflect upon them, and they are accountable for the slave. Slaves are not property and can not be sold or bought.

The custom of making a slave of a prisoner, began before the Poku'vonai reached for the stars. It was a way of honoring an defeated opponent who fought well. Normally the person taking the slave would see some sort of potential in the person, or just feel compassionate. The victor would ask the person if they would bind themselves to them. If they agreed an oath would be said, and the person would be the râyjo vona for the victor. The Rây'a binder they are bound to traditionally, provided for the person and taught the râyjo vona. Eventually if the râyjo vona served well and with honor, they would normally be released of their kavoráy (oath). The person would then be made a member of the Punla (Family) as a retainer, and would be a citizen.

Prior to the Norka (The Exodus) there occasionally were vonai'bui (aliens) who after being a râyjo vona were released and made a member of the clan and the Punla (Family). But for this to happen the vaonai'bu would have to pass the Baqnor (move from youth). This is the one case where failure is not a shameful event and requires Sou Fofi (Cleansing Death). The vonai'bu after failing would be permitted to live as a retainer. But would not have clan status.


A slave is not permitted to see Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) if they are to be released.

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