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Niomu Iun (Vacuum Suit)

:!: The following article is currently NOT APPROVED for in-character usage.

The Niomu Iun (vacuum suit) is used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo to protect a Poku'vonai from the rigors of space or hazardous environments.

About the Niomu Iun

The suit has two uses:

For EVA the wearer must have a Nor Sou attached. In an emergency the Nor Sou can be used to provide life support and power for two persons by connecting both to it. This of course does reduce the remaining operating time by half.

When worn in a vehicle the Niomu Iun is connected to the vehicles environmental system. Any craft being used with a Niomu Iun, is required to have a Nor Sou stored aboard it in the unlikely event of crashing or the environmental system failing.

There are two helmets, the only functional difference is that the Model II does not have lights.


The Niomu Iun is form fitting, but allows enough space for the fur to be comfortable.

The standard suit exterior is light gray with reflective strips at the connections of the gloves and boots. A strip also runs down the arms and legs and back. Custom color schemes do exist normally to indicate a Ruoka or Jael. The tape can be replaced with LED strips to enhance the visibility.

There are connection ports that provide power and life support. They are located on both sides just above the hip joint They can be connected to a vehicle or the Nor Sou.

A woven fabric belt is attached through loops at the waist. This is used to attach gear for use during EVA tasks.

The boots are equipped with Heim Force Generators in the soles. This allows the wearer to cling to the surface they are standing upon. The field is only effective when in contact as it is extremely localized.



Class: Protective Gear Nomenclature: HS-G4-1a (with tail)/ HS-G4-2a (no tail) Type: EVA Suit Designers: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Manufacturer: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Price: 450 Odawina (OW)


The fabric of the outer layer contains a thin layer of woven (light armor) mesh to provide some protection from micro-meteors. The suit also an thin inner layer filled with a polymer that solidifies when exposed to oxygen. This serves as a seal-sealing feature for minor punctures to the suit.

Collar Unit

The collar unit serves as the interface between the suit and the HUD. It also is the physical connection. The collar is compatible with all helmet types. There is a connection port in the collar for a Iginâ Yoqa (Neural Link). It is constructed out of Mâqitua (Light Metal).

Nor Sou (Life Unit)

The Niomu Iun uses a backpack that supplies power, life support and communications for the suit wearer. The backpack connects to the suit at junctions on both sides just above the hip joint. Only one connection is required the other is for redundancy. It is also to share a Life Unit in the event that a fellow Poku'vonai's is damaged.

The unit has an eight hour supply of power, it uses a scrubber and has an emergency supply of O2. The unit is only required when used outside of a vehicle.


  • Water/nutrient tube accessed through helmet, 1 liter capacity.
  • Urine collection, catheter
  • Thermal controls.

EVA Belt

The belt attaches to the suit and provides a means to secure gear and tools for EVA operations.


There are two styles of gloves available the difference is the location and type of thumb. There are two types of gloves, EVA gloves which are thicker and insulated, and operator gloves that are thinner and allow fine dexterity work.


The helmet is programmable depending on the specific use.

Basic Features

  • Integrated microphone
  • Integrated speakers
  • Headlamps
  • Polarizing face shield

Mode I

  • Basic HUD providing status on the sides of power, O2 levels, and system
  • Laser range finder 5,000 meters

Model II

  • Tactical HUD providing weapon and targeting data as well as status on the sides of power, O2 levels, and system

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