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Poku Saeruo Degonjo - Standard Colony Layout

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo uses a standardized layout. The general specifics are listed.


The colony is laid out in hexagonal sections with travel ways between each. The basic design concept is based on the colonies the clan created centuries ago. Each of the hexagons contains an area of 4.8 square miles.

Section Color Purpose
Orange Government
Yellow Services
Light green Residential M
Dark green Residential S
Blue Expansion
Brown Utility
Gold Defense
Teal Manufacturing/Distribution
Pale blue Agriculture

Colony Layout


This is the heart of the city, it houses the various government facilities and has the Tonai building. This is where the central law enforcement is located.


This area is where most common services are available. Education is handled by a number of Ruohui Giba'te (Academies), both public and private. A state of the art Medical Center is located in this area which is supplemented by clinics in the residential areas. Lastly there are a number of markets that cater to specific product types; clothing, weapons, food, artwork, etc.

Residential S

This region was populated with manufactured single family structures were placed on plots large enough that gave each household room to expand. The homes are clustered to form neighborhoods. Persons must reside in the residences for three years before receiving the deed to the land.

Residential M

Work on residential M began after the first wave of colonists. It features multilevel structures, intended for individual and couples. The offerings range from small efficiency apartments, to multiple bedroom apartments and condos. Some of the structures are temporary accommodations, either for colonists waiting for their residences, or rental properties for persons who do not want a permanent home.


This area is where the colony defenders are set up. It contains storage for their equipment, facilities for command and control, and residences for the warriors. In time it will have all the features one would expect of a military base.


This section is where all of the utilities that the city requires are located. It houses the reactor, water purification, waste management.


This is where the various factories, clan and private owned are located. In addition to the standard infrastructure this area also has a small aerospace port to ferry stuff where needed. This facility will remain even when Sky Harbor space port comes online.


This area is dedicated to sustainable growing of food and animals. There are a number of parks which are both for recreation, but also produce fruit and nuts. There are also preserves for livestock herds that are kept contained. Occasionally the preserves are used to raise animals to be released into the wild.

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