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Tini Poku (Clan Ships)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

This page contains basic information on the types of ships used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Poku'vonai ships are rarely all new construction; components of retired ships are reused to continue the legacy of that ship. This is also done to conserve factory resources. Typically components such as hulls, systems and crew spaces are constructed. Weapons and drive systems installed are reused, and or salvaged from other clan vessels.

Ships are also normally part of a family's holdings, so keeping them in service is a matter of family honor. Entirely new ships of existing classes are given to new families, which reflects their lack of history. For influential families new ships of an improved class are available. The family normally provides some piece of equipment from another ship to establish a familial connection.


These are the basic starship types of the Poku'vonai.


The Hatakur'a (Hunter) class are ships considered to be in the Gunship class. Designed for minimum crew requirements, and feature normally 2 to 4 Blades (fighters) depending on actual size. They are very utilitarian, some would say spartan with no luxury features. Engine wise they have more powerful STL engines than their FTL. They use maximum amounts of armor and shields. Weapons are powerful, but designed for precise hits, since they want their prey as intact as possible.

  • Predecessor Tyo'te Nuiqai (Wings of Fire) - HS-SG3-2a

Yome Dahoka

The Yome Dahoka (Battle Hawk) class are ships in the Cruiser class.

Piaty Daho'ka

Battle Rider class ship hs-sc4-1a

Ytaip Daho'ka

Battle Hauler class ship hs-sc3-1a


The Ismâo'a searcher are the scout ships for the Clan. While they are armed, they are not intended for combat. Their mission is to survey a region of space, and gather information for the Clan. Identifying resources that can be gathered, and locating likely hunting grounds. These ships have a balance of STL and FTL engines. They incorporate the Clan's best stealth technology, as well as sensors and communications.



The Wadâmo'a harvester ships are basically mobile scrap yards. They have FTL drives and STL. They use heavy armor and shields for active defense, and electronic masking to hide while the hunters attack. The salvage equipment cutting torches and blades in an emergency can be used as close range weapons.



The Ytaqo'a gatherer ships are used by the clan to land on planets and acquire organic supplies. World identified by previous hunter groups are routinely visited and raided.


Âmuso Sae Ibâka

The Âmuso Sae Ibâka are diplomatic vessels developed to counter the limitations imposed by the Tanoi (Council) when the Yamatai Star Empire signed the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States.

Bright Star of Hope


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These ships are small, fast, and carry additional memory storage. Their purpose is to relay messages to the hunting groups. They also carry packages to the ships. They normally travel to predetermined rendezvous points where the clan ships meet. In particularly critical situations, they will be sent to locate a specific group where they are.

Vonai Wunyaka

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These are the twelve surviving ships that carried the Poku'vonai from their original home to the Hidden Sun.

Wunyaka Vonai

Gulvi-ka Mui

The Gulvi-ka Mui, or Sword of Mui is the most unique class of ship that the Poku'vonai have constructed since the Poku Movi Vamâqi (Clan Void Berth) was completed. It was commissioned after they encountered the Defilers of the Dead. It is a warship built to carry emissaries to the Warrior Cat Women Clan. It is armed so that the Speaker can do so from a position of strength. There are only two of these built.

Gulvi-ka Mui

Åbime Sou


These are the types of large installations the Poku'vonai use.

Sotâka Ruomâqi

The Sotâka Ruomâqi World Station is the main habitat of the clan. At its heart are the twelve great arks that brought the clan to this region. Even though they are now surrounded by the shell of the World Station, the clan keeps the arks operational in case the need comes to move the clan again. Over the centuries the World Station has grown and expanded, it features large indoor parks and forests which supplement the station's life support system. There are 12 city states in the station, one for each Ark.

Poku Movi Vamâqi

The Poku Movi Vamâqi Clan Void Berth is a facility orbits Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) as a large moon. It is the Hidden Sun Clan’s shipyard and research facility. The top sections are devoted to reverse engineering the stuff brought in by Harvesters. The next section of the Berth is the processing section, this is where gather materials are broken down and recycled. There are forges for melting the material and making metal sheets used for fabrication. The bottom half of Berth is the shipyard, one third of it is for construction, the rest is used for repair/refit of Clan vessels.

Fuâmy'a Ruomâqi

The Fuâmy'a Ruomâqi Watcher stations are Poku'vonai defense outposts, where groups of HS-AF1-1c Meqpâ'a Gulvisa (Prowler Fighter) are kept to defend the home station.

Fuâmy'a Ruomâqi

Way Stations

With the YE 35 HSC - YSE Treaty, the Poku'vonai developed simple stations to handle customs and inspections of ships entering Clan space.

Kâur Ruomâqi

Small Craft


These fast maneuverable fighters do not have FTL drives. They use lightweight armor and shields for defense. They are configured with most defenses towards the front. They feature the most powerful small weapons the Hidden Sun Clan can obtain.


Heavy Blade


This is the clan's equivalent of areospace craft. Âdortin'sa means small skyship or flitter They come in two sizes a two person and a six person model.

Two person flitter

Six person flitter

Âdortin's Beâgor'a (Hauler Shuttle)

Thunder Shuttle


This is a unique craft carried by clan warships. Gita (Claw) is a unit used for boarding a captured ship.


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This is basically a torpedo with no warhead. It is designed to be shot into a wormhole to deliver message packets to other ships.


The HS-Z1 is the first torpedo to go into production since the the clan arrived here.

HS-Z1 Series


This is a probe that the Poku'vonai deploy from an HS-SE1-1A Ismâo'a (Searcher) - Class Ship.

Surveyor probe

Border Monitor

This is a satellite drone that monitors the clans borders.

Fuâmy Anomovi


Hidden Sun Clan Ship design DOGA details

Hull 82 94 85 with stain texture 100% emphasis 50% density

Turrets 82 94 85 with no texture

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