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Poku Galyâbi (Clan Taboos)

Poku Galyâbi or clan dark laws are actions or behaviors that are taboo in the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. While not truly illegal in an of themselves. The consequences of participation can result in criminal actions. These can also carry a stigma for those to participate in them.


These are currently identified Taboos.

  1. Using incapacitating substances (drugs) for recreation.
    • Life in the clan requires that its citizenry be ready to respond to crises as quickly as possible. For this reason use of recreational drugs is frowned upon. The use of non-controlled substances for recreation is tolerated up until it impacts others.
    • Reporting to ones occupation under the influence can result in disciplinary action
  2. Intimate relations with blood relatives
    • The clan has a strict policy concerning genetic and physical deformities. See Fofipa (to cleanse). The nature of these relations and their potential for defects is why such relationships are frowned upon.
  3. Scarification and Branding
    • While these practices were present among many of the Ruoka in the earlier days of the clan. As the culture evolved such practices fell into disuse. Some members of the Traditionalist paradigm have brought it back. However, most see the intentional damaging of their body as troubling.
  4. Extensive voluntary cybernetics
    • The use of cybernetics within the clan is considered less desirable than having their natural body parts. It is not uncommon for members to have cybernetics for a period of time while waiting for the opportunity to get them replaced. Those who choose to keep obvious cybernetics are looked at with scorn. Note: This taboo does not apply to internal cybernetics.

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